5 DIY Home-made Beauty Remedies Your Skin Will Love!

I remember my Naani’s (Maternal Grandma) skin as being baby soft and spotless. She did not know what waxing was, steered clear of wrinkle removing creams and never needed to bleach anything but white clothes. During my winter holidays I often went with her to handpick the natural ingredients for her hair – Amla and Brahmi. Remotely I remember that she used to boil these together with some water to make a perfect home-made beauty remedy or hair-mask for her mane. This week, I am trying to heal my chemically scarred and starved skin with home remedies from her treasure chest.

Haldi and Honey moisturising face mask: I can go on and on about the benefits of Turmeric and Honey. From healing dryness, helping with digestion to fighting viral and bad cough, these are truly handy. Known for their anti-bacterial and anti-septic properties, Turmeric and Honey help fight off acne, winter dryness and chapped lips. Here is a simple way to use these.

Step 1: Simply add 1/4th tsp of turmeric to 1 1/2 tsp of Honey. Mix well.
Step 2: Apply to your face and neck. Leave it on for another 10 minutes and wash it off.
Step 3: Feel the supple, soft, smiling skin.

Dried Orange peel face scrub: I have my favourites when it comes to face scrubs but there is nothing like a homemade scrub. So here is your DIY easy homemade scrub:

You need dried orange peels, powdered finely, the skin of almonds, sugar and water.

Step 1: Mix all the ingredients together to make a thick paste.
Step 2: Apply on the face and let it dry. Now with slightly wet hands rub the mixture off your skin.
Step 3: Repeat at least once a week and see your skin smile back at the sun.

Warm salt water and glycerin for tired and cracked heels: I love walking bare feet which means cracked heels and tired feet. I have seen my elders pamper themselves with this simple yet amazingly effective way a zillion times – Soak your feet in warm (or as hot as you can handle) water in a tub. Feel an instant relief spread through your feet and legs as your body enters the ‘relaxation’ mode. It does, just try. Then pat dry your feet and massage with pure glycerine.

Baking Soda and Milk for de-tanning
Milk is a natural cleanser and baking soda adds that extra zing to your de-tanning remedy. All you need is a cotton swab to dip in the mixture of a bowl of cold milk and 1 tsp of soda. Gently rub the tanned area with this mixture-soaked cotton. You can see the cotton changing colour and your skin looking clean, clear and fresh.

Love, Laughter and life: Fifth and the most important home remedy is love, laughter and life. Love selflessly, laugh often and enjoy a life full of health and family. Nothing else matters at the end of the day. And nothing else can make you glow and look beautiful like this does.

What are the home remedies that you swear by? You may have discovered them or they may have been handed down through generations, either way, we would love to hear about them. Write to us.

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Georgia Posted on Feb 16, 2016

The dried orange peel face scrub is right up my alley! I've always found home remedies from an older generation to do wonders, we all need to put down the chemicals and pick up the natural ingredients!


orana velarde (@CLFAdventure) Posted on Feb 16, 2016

Pure glycerin for feet! It sure makes sense and I will try it because my feet are so dry and cracked! I haven't worn shoes in years and my feet can handle anything. Thanks for the great tips Charu! Grandmothers are so wise.


Elle Strange Posted on Feb 15, 2016

I find DIY such as these very informative! Thank you! Might want to try my own. Hehe.


travelingmind2anywhere Posted on Feb 15, 2016

I´m digging this haldi and honey moisturising face mask. Years ago, I am always dependent on formulated beauty products, well, I still use a few but most of the time I go for DIYs and the use of raw ingredients. I agree that turmeric and honey are both powerful ingredients that benefits the skin.


Niki Posted on Feb 15, 2016

Looks like I will be paying Amazon a visit to purchase some items today from your recipe list! I love trying new things and adding new things to my beauty regimen. My favorite thing to do with my hair now is to sleep with black seed oil in it and wash it out the following morning. It works wonders! I will let you know how these recipes go when I give them a try, great post!


rileyreign Posted on Feb 15, 2016

YES! I have been needing some natural love for my skin lately and haven't found any new things to try, these look lovely and they will definitely be going on my to-do list! Thank you!


Tequila Cousar Posted on Feb 15, 2016

Great information. I am in the process of making my own. Thank you for this useful information.


Heather Lisa Noire Posted on Feb 15, 2016

I never thought about using a honey mask or face scrub for my skin. This is a really nice article. Very inspiring for health and beauty. :) http://www.bauchlefashion.com


mary Posted on Feb 15, 2016

Great tips on skin care. Very informative! Thanks!


Tina Posted on Feb 14, 2016

You have a way of telling a story. Nicely done. I enjoyed reading about this little DIY remedy. I bet your grandmother had other healthy remedies up her sleeves!


ROBERT LEE Posted on Feb 14, 2016

I am going to try no. 1, turmeric and honey? Oh, and no. 2 also. Thank you for sharing this. I learned yet more new things from you.


imnotgrandpa Posted on Feb 14, 2016

There is something to be said for home remedies. The past generations have so much to teach if we are willing to listen. I knew baking soda was useful for many things. I'll remember this remedy when needed.


Nidhi Posted on Feb 13, 2016

Awesome tips! I love all home remedies recommended by you. Keep me inspired. Loved specially 1st and 4th one


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