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Delicious Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows make for the warmest drink for kids!

Who needs a Delicious Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows?  For me nothing is more refreshing than to try out various recepies. But sometimes the simplest recipes are most awesome and relaxing. And after the hectic Christmas schedule and New Year Baking resolution, it is such a welcome change. 

                                          Who needs a Delicious Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows?

Traditionally in India winters are all about Panjiri and Laddoos and they are surely loaded with a lot of goodness when made with warming foods like Ghee, Sesame, Brown sugar and more. But my daughter loves more drinks than solid snacks. So I try to ladle out 'Winter special drinks' for my family. Hot beverages like pumpkin soups, clear chicken soups, Apple cider, hot chocolate etc. are less tedious to prepare but also a great source of nourishment for kids. And these are great for good digestion and soothes bad throat. 

Do yo know ?

 Warme Chocolademelk in the Netherlands is actually the good old Hot Chocolate.

A traditional breakfast in Spain is made of Hot Chocolate and Churros.

A Colombian Hot Chocolate is popularly topped with mild cheese.

And my son's hot Chocolate version for his sister has Marshmallows. Here is what you need to enjoy it hot:

Winter recipes: KetchupMoms

Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows in 15 minutes:

Milk 1 cup
Choco chips 2-3tbs
Marshmallows 3-4 pieces
(If u get mini marshmallows you can just double it and you can also sprinkle Cinnamon powder. 

1.Melt Choco chips in a bowl in the microwave for 4 to 5 mins.
2 Bring the milk to boil in a saucepan. 
3.Just add the melted Choco chips and milk in a cup and stir well till all dissolves.
4.Lastly add Marshmallows on the top.

Tip: You can melt the Marshmallows in the microwave. Then use cookie cutter of your child's fav. shape to make Marshmallow flowers, stars and let it float on top of the cup. 

Let your teenagers make this Hot Cup of comfort themselves and enjoy the winter bliss. You can also try Magic Milk, Tea Infusions or help kids make Cheesy Pineapple Popsicles.

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Jayshree Bhagat Posted on Feb 02, 2018

This looks such an amazing easy and delicious recipe


Salma Posted on Feb 02, 2018

My kids really love hot chocolate!


Ayton Khan Posted on Feb 02, 2018

Awesome blog worth reading


Snigdha Prusti Posted on Feb 01, 2018

Wow, it looks yummy and very tempting for kids.. I will try this hot chocolate with marshmallows for my son... The recipe is do easy too.


Mrinal Posted on Feb 01, 2018

This is an amazing hot chocolate recipe! Will try this weekend for sure ❤


Preetjyot Kaur Posted on Feb 01, 2018

Gosh this is a brilliant recipe.. Can\'t wait to try this out and surprise my girls.. Thanks for sharing this


Jhilmil Posted on Feb 01, 2018

My goodness, i shall love having this combo. Hot chocolate with marshmallow\'s were the one, I snacked on daily while in Italy!


The Aristochic Posted on Feb 01, 2018

I love adding marshmallows to my kids drink just adds to the excitement and interest


Ishieta Posted on Feb 01, 2018

some of thessse things which have come in from the west , i really like :) we didnt have marshmallows as kids, but now every time the kids have it, i join them too :) nice, easy to make !


Namrata Kumari Posted on Feb 01, 2018

That\'s an awesome recipe. I will surely try this to surprise my husband.


Aysh Posted on Feb 01, 2018

Oh what a fun idea! I never thought of adding marshmallows. You just gave me the idea to surprise my kids!


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