10 Kid-made disasters every Mother needs to know how to survive

There are things that sound either too miraculous or down right unbelievable to even try. So when my husband told my distressed maid that she should put her dripping wet cell phone in a sack of rice, I almost choked. What that poor girl made of it? Her giggle gave away nothing. But she did dismantle her phone, that she had accidentally placed in a bucket full of water with some dirty clothes. And that night the rice in her kitchen did have a battery and sim for company.

Surprise surprise, even at the risk of sounding like one of the many disciples at Swami Ram Dev’s gatherings (who look coached), the phone did get healed and was up and working, miraculously so. It did not just save us some money but made us seem as if we knew what we were talking about.

Here are some tried and tested ideas to keep handy every time you or your kids get funny or you are visited by a kid-made disaster

1) Cell Phone goes swimming: What are the chances? Well, 200% if you have dangerously inquisitive souls called toddlers in your house. Never mind, just dismantle your phone and place all the parts in a sack of rice. It seems to soak up the water and dry out the poor little instrument. Hello, you are back to calling in less than a day.

2) Kids shatter glass, yet again:sonu image My twins did not mean too, yes it’s always an accident, but they did break my new glass bottle. Thankfully they both had their slippers on, lucky us. All I was left with was to clean the place with newspapers and then carefully search and pick every possible shard I could see under a microscope. I took the easy way out. Bread slices. They are a sucker for absorbing water and even the tiniest possible glass piece.

3) Garlic without Garlic Smell: I held his tiny face lovingly in my hands and he said ‘Mumma, dirty potty smell’. Yes this is how my son described that unwanted garlic smell floating on my fingertips. Such a sour experience needed super sour remedy, Lemon or Lemon rinds. Rub them on your fingers and wash off in 2 minutes. Feel like a walky-talky room freshener.

4) If you’re being robbed shout ‘fire’ rather than thief: You would love to be your daughter’s Superman, but you need to stay alive for that. So if you find yourself in danger make the correct noise. Yes yelling ‘Thief’ could attract non-interest, but shout fire and see people rush in to douse it, lest its spreads to their house, office or even car.

5) Your kid has more than she can chew… in her mouth: Chewing Gum in your hair could be the best excuse to go to your hair dresser. But seeing your kids put gum on one of your most prized dresses could be quite hair-raising. But all you need to do is put the cloth in the freezer for an hour. Just peel the gum off, afterwards. An easy solution to a perfect kid-made disaster.

6) Stinky two shoes: Teenagers can give you more than just attitude, how about stinky shoes? Don’t get baked over it. Just sprinkle some baking powder in their shoes and see them pull up their socks with a smile.

7) Burning Potato: Dirty feet on your white leather sofa can give your incurable heartburn. But for the real burns you suffer in the kitchen, slice a potato and rub it on your wound. Repeat if the burning sensation does not vanish. Your toothpaste can also double up as a quick coolant.

8) Your salt needs some rice too: To keep your salt and pepper shakers from clogging add some raw rice grains. The downside is that your kid could have a sprinkling party, if they lay their hands on them.

9) Edible room freshener: Even the baby oil smell can linger on, till your baby becomes a parent. That may be an exaggeration but you definitely need to freshen up a house where a baby gets massaged, poops, throws-up, spills food or milk and more. Just throw in some dried peels of orange and lemon in fire on the stove top and enjoy your free air freshener.

10) No Wi-fi for kids: This is the easiest to achieve. You get off your phone. Set an example and see your kids will follow.

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Joey Posted on Apr 22, 2015

Great list! I never thought of burning lemon peels so I'm definitely going to have to try that.

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Rita Chhitwal Posted on Apr 21, 2015

Mind blowing. Handy tips. Grandma is waiting for such disasters.

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P C Posted on Mar 01, 2015

Brilliant ideas worth trying


Mrs. Bhatia Posted on Feb 23, 2015

Mother Tricks are something you an never go wrong with.


Sumeet Posted on Feb 23, 2015

Interesting ideas


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