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GIIS Noida- Bloggers and Media Meet on how to Choose New Age Schools for Kids

KetchupMoms Writer Ms. Stuti Sharma was invited to cover the GIIS Noida Bloggers and Media meet on 'New Age Schools and how parents can choose 21st century school for their kids'. This is not a sponsored article. 

Gone are the days of traditional schooling with chalk and talk methods being the most popular methods of pedagogy. The Global Indian International School (GIIS), Noida organised a special media workshop to discuss how new age schools are doing things differently from traditional schools so that parents can make informed choices for their wards.


The special points that makes GIIS NOIDA, truly international and unique were discussed in the workshop, which I am highlighting below:

1. Pedagogical tools: GIIS is a school focussing on 21st century learning tools. It is basically leveraging technology for the benefits of students and engaging students in classrooms as attention span of students is very low these days owing to the predominance of technology in our lives. These methods include:
(a) Google classrooms which make use of special G suites, giving access to various apps for teaching with no requirement of carrying your storage devices to AV rooms.
(b) Flipped classrooms where the teacher sends a content or a video to students before picking up that topic in class so as to generate their interests in that topic
(c) Cross campus teaching where all the GIIS schools worldwide interact and share their insights with each other.
(d) Hands-on experience learning to tickle the critical and creative thinking through Robotics, Artificial intelligence, Aeromodelling and Leaps projects.
(e) Global student exchange programs and Global Citizenship Scholarship for class 10th students for meritorious students nationwide with free studies of 45 lakhs in GIIS Singapore campus.

2. Curriculum design and development is done keeping in mind Multiple intelligence, Logical thinking, Global outlook, Environmental outlook and cross curriculum links. This way the school is working towards the holistic development of an individual and giving platform to all the budding talents. So much so that class 8th and 9th students of this schools have organised entrepreneurship boot camps with starter companies and some universities!

                                 Bloggers meet

3. Nine gems model: GIIS has evaluated a nine gems model for an overall development of students which includes academic excellence, personality development speech and drama, Community care, sports excellence, health and fitness, Entrepreneurship and leadership, creativity innovation technology and problem solving, Universal values ethics and discipline, visual and digital art and life skills/ career guidance. This model is based on integrated theme based learning with STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) and IDP (individual development plans). Besides that several 'I care acitivities', heritage and Unesco activities have been carried out in campuses for connecting curriculum to environment. There is special Mahatama Gandhi centre for peace which stresses on need of Gandhian values in today's times and also organised peace fiestas from time to time.

4. Creating happy learners: Happiness quotient is the most important factor these days to create a stress free atmosphere for learning. GIIS philosophies on this principle of creating happy learners with their Montessori plus program wherein each child is considered unique. This program includes practical life exercises, multi-sensory learning, language development, maths and cultural module. These modules are achieved through various activities like circle time, show and tell, role plays etc. They also have special Montessori lab with 21st century tools to provide hand on experience learning to young minds.

To summarise, I would just like to say that this new age school is making excellent efforts for working in tandem with community, technology and environment.

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