I was heartbroken that my love could be substituted!

Just because I had twins to feed, the breasts did not multiply. No matter how badly I wanted it to happen, the milk did not flow any faster. I don’t know if it was just my hormones or the confusion of new motherhood but I was 9 feet under self-pity. My husband was oscillating between finding humour and giving comfort. “After all you are not a milk factory” you know. “Try telling that to your kids, the next time they are howling with hunger. Oh god my kids will not be as smart and healthy as kids who grow up on mother’s milk” I thought. And hilariously enough, I was even thinking about all the money I had spent on all those fancy breast pumps. But most of all, it was about Milk and the lack of it.

I was not planning to turn my kids into the legendary wrestler and actor Dara Singh or the great athlete Milkha Singh, who are both self-confessed lovers of milk. But I definitely wanted my twins to have strong bones, healthy growth and a good immune system. And Milk with all its benefits like calcium, Vitamin-D, Magnesium, Protein and Potassium is supposed to be a complete healthy meal in itself.

My cook insisted cow’s milk would make a great substitute. My mother and mother-in-law agreed too. But were they expecting me to raise a cow now? Because I was definitely not going to trust the milkman’s adulterated or spurious milk with my kid’s immune system. Packaged milk sounded good. But where was the time to purchase, boil and then cool down the milk before serving it to my angels? Also I don’t know if it is just me, but the packet milk does smell weird a lot of times. And let’s not even get into the organic milk fad.

Mercifully, a simple walk into my own kitchen gave me the instant solution that both my husband and I agreed on instantly. The safety that Tetra Pak assured. After all we had been enjoying its convenience, quality and taste for months now. It is the only milk that I can drink without adding coffee or some other taste enhancer.

We also researched it on Google and here is what we found out:

1. Forget the technology, basically milk is pasteurised at Ultra High Temperature before packaging it in Tetra Pak. This kills the bacteria and not the nutrients like calcium etc.

2. It has a six-layer quality packaging which protects our food and drinks from air, sunlight and other contaminants. Which is why it has a life of six months.

3. We were surprised to know the company has existed forever. This black and white picture is of Modern retailing: Woman with Tetra Classic packages, 1950s. And the company has constantly evolved their packaging techniques to seal in the quality.

Yes, Tetra Pak had some wonderful things to offer, things we could not ignore. No boiling. No last minute shopping. No tension.

The first barrier was crossed. We finally had something we could trust. Now for the acid test. Would the kids latch on to something that was not flowing from their mother’s bosom? Ya ok I was enjoying this stage of self-importance but I was also hoping it would win hands down. It did. I was heartbroken that my love could be substituted, but thank god for that!

Ironically I felt relieved when my kids forgot about me or rather the breast milk, as quickly as they did. All the whining and all the concerns drowned with every sip of milk from the Tetra Pak, that my kids enjoyed. It has been three years since their love affair started and I am glad they have started flirting with Milk shakes, smoothies, home-made yogurt and so much more.

The guilt has long gone. The concerns long evaporated. What has stayed with us is the goodness of Milk and the surety of Tetra Pak quality.

Important: Breast Milk is the most nutritious feed for a newborn.

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Sumeet Posted on Jun 04, 2015

Tetrapak is easy to use.


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