If I was a kid today, this is what I would say to my parents

I am a mom constantly trying to strike a balance between being a good mother, yes good not great, and a happy guilt-free individual. Yet I can’t stop thinking how my kids might be judging me sometimes. And that’s what made me think what would I say to my parents, if I was a kid today.

If I was a kid today I would say:

I want to know my mumma papa better
There I said it. I have started to think of the crèche as Home Sweet Home and I often confuse my teacher for my mother. I love the weekends and all the attention you give me in those two days, but that’s just weekend parenting…

I appreciate home-made food more often
Let’s get real, even breakfast is served at my school. And no Chocos, Maggi, ready-to-eat packaged food, frozen food etc does not count as home-made food. Only Grandma’s food is something I cannot have enough of.

I want to play outdoors with Daddy not Nanny
If you don’t want cleaning and dusting to be my favourite game, then you need to sack my nanny (How much ever I or rather you love her) as my coach. I mean seriously what does the poor soul know about rugby, hockey or even cricket? So if you want to see me make that ‘century’ some day, you need to start teaching me how to hold that bat first. Remember, You!

I appreciate music with kid-friendly videos and lyrics
Don’t even get me started on the lyrics. The last time I sang one to your mother, she turned red. And for the videos, is it just me who can see little else other than the diapers on them? Buy them some clothes and let their music sense warm up a little.

And yes there is a reason they are called ‘nursery rhymes’ and not music albums, so when I say music ‘Roll Baby Roll’.

As for Facebook, I appreciate a smile on your face while you read a book to me, no not on your kindle.

And I seriously forbid you from posting about my every sneeze, toothache and yes, my potty training. If Grandma could rely on her common sense, why must you get online and get an ‘expert’s’ advice on every parenting issue? I would also like more options instead of i-pad time when you don’t want to be disturbed. Yes, I am a clever cookie, I understand when you are trying to get me off your back.

I don’t want to be left at the same kids play-area when you are out shopping
Can you eat your favourite food everyday? Wrong question, you do order it in every other day. Can you hmm wear the same dress to every Party?? That is exactly how I feel going to the same kids play-area weekend after weekend. Change is good you know. For us.

While I am at it, let me just sound you off that if you want to be in my tomorrow, then be in my today.

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