If you dont MIND, It does not MATTER

If you dont MIND, It does not MATTER...

 What If I fail? What if I can’t pay the bills? What does others think about my look/work? What if I get into a wrong relationship? What If that ….What if this…. Why that and Why this?????????

We all over-think matters in our life. Sometimes, we are caught in long lingering loops, where we are thinking about a single incident again and again or sometimes we keep analyzing a particular matter to the point where we cannot make a decision. Whether it is self-worth, decisions, regrets or worries about future, we are often glued inside our head as if there is no way out at all. Basically overthinking takes our mind to a state of numbness and it is certainly affecting our life in a negative way.

Unhealthy Thoughts: KetchupMoms No Mental Baggage -The best way to detox our mind from overthinking is to get out of the thinking loops and move on. If we do not learn to let go, then we would be dragging many years of mental baggage behind us and at one point of time when the baggage becomes very heavy, we do not move forward and start living in the past. We stop meeting people, stop trying new things, stop having new goals or even stop learning. Eventually, we may stop to know about ourselves. So, if we don’t mind (to drag worries), then it does not matter anymore.

Expectations -One of the worst thing in life we all do is to try and meet other’s expectations. We keep looking for other’s approvals and judgements. No one is perfect in the eyes of others. The only way we can be successful is when we set our own gold standards and follow our own path of life. Of course we need to consider the well-being and feelings of our loved ones and hold on to the social norms. So if we don’t mind (what others think or expect), then it does not matter anymore.

Dreams and Goals - As we grow, we should let our dreams and goals also to grow. We should hold on to the dreams and goals that are authentic and let go those which we do not feel strong any more. Letting go of the dream does not mean that we have failed, but simply means that we have created space for new dreams and goals. When we accept reality without regrets, we will be more focused towards realizing our dreams and goals and lead a peaceful life. So, if we don’t mind (the regrets), then it does not matter anymore.

Memories Other stressful thing we all do, is re-living negative memories. It looks like our brain is wired to hold on to the negative incidents ten times more than the positive events. The only way to fight this in-built negativity, is to make sure that our brain remembers positive experiences distinctly along with the negative ones. We can hold to positive memories by writing them down in a diary or capturing those moments in our camera and relive them whenever we feel low in spirits. So, if we don’t mind (the negative memories), then it does not matter anymore.

Mental Health: KetchupMomsPeople - Difficult and negative minded people who sabotage our efforts, or abase us constantly or grudge to understand our goals, are not worth being with. It is for our own benefit that we should let go of them and spend time only with those whom we can share joy, seek advice and have fun together. So, if we don’t mind (the difficult people), then it does not matter anymore.

Over Stress - Lastly we should somehow learn to stop making mountain out of a mole. This is possible if we start asking questions to ourselves like – How many people in the world have worse situations than this? Will this matter in a few years? Soon we will realize that in most cases it is not really as bad as we thought and we can handle them at ease. So, if we don’t mind (to exaggerate unnecessarily and worry), then it does not matter anymore.

Let us understand - All the problems are stuck between “Mind” and “Matter”. Most of the problems appear mammoth because we worry too much about it. By worrying, we give more importance to the problem than to its solution.

Worrying does not take away tomorrow’s trouble, it takes away Today’s peace” 

Happy living.

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