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Iran - The Persian Gem with picturesque Heritage Sites

Keep side your inhibitions and add Iran in your travel bucket-list.If you were ever intimidated to make travel plans to Iran, it is time you understand the reality. Iran or Persia is a beautiful land of four seasons with magnificent monuments and rich culture. Kindness and hospitality of Iranians to their guests would spellbind you once you are in this glorious Islamic Republic of Iran. In fact many travellers are of the opinion that travelling in Iran is much safer than travelling in Europe.


Iran is famous for its Persian–Islamic architecture, having many beautiful boulevards, covered bridges, palaces, mosques and minarets, historical buildings, monuments, serene gardens, paintings and artefacts. Iran possesses 23 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and every Iranian is proud of this ancient lineage.

The top places to visit while on a tour to Iran includes-

Isfahan the crown jewel of Iran, 

Tehran the capital city with fabulous museums and gardens,

Shiraz the city of love, literature, and Persian gardens,

Yazd, the best place to experience ancient Zoroastrianism and modern-day Islam co-existing,

Tabriz for the largest covered bazaar in the world and

Hamedan for the proximity to the world's largest water cave Ali Saadr or Ali Saard (meaning cold).

Ali Qapu (pronounced, ah-lee gah-pooh) is a pavilion that marks the entrance to the vast royal residential quarter of the Safavid Isfahan which stretched from the Maidan Naqsh-i-Jahan to the Chahar Bagh Boulevard. The Ali Qapu palace in Isfahan is 157 ft high and is a massive rectangular structure which has six floors, fronted with a wide terrace whose ceiling is inlaid and supported by wooden columns.

On the sixth floor is the largest rooms which hosted the royal reception and banquets and is named as the Music Hall since the applied decorations in its body and layers have acoustic form. The stucco decoration of the banquet hall abounds in motif of various vessels and cups.

The Ali Saadr cave is the most wonderful cave in the world belonging to the Jurassic Period(190-196 million year ago). The water of the cave is colourless and odourless and has a natural taste and its PH(acidity) is nearly neutral. Thousands of tourists visit this cave every year and ride in a boat to explore the cave.

Bank Sepah is the first Iranian Bank which started its operations on May 4, 1925. Bank Sepah Coin Museum was established in 1963 to showcase one of the richest coin Museums in the Middle East and to preserve a rare and invaluable treasure. The collection of coins includes the first-ever standardized coins from the Lydian period which dates back to circa 643-630 BC along with the coins belonging to various ages of the history of Iran and its neighboring areas.

While this is just a glimpse, one must have to travel once or multiple times to explore this vibrant Islamic State. However, as a tourist one should always remember certain rules to follow and not to hurt their sentiments -
- Women and girls above the age of 9 years should always be wearing a head scarf and loose fitted clothes.
- A local guide is necessary to take you around as the language spoken is mostly Persian (also known as Farsi).
- One cannot use any international debit/credit cards and therefore should carry local currency, Rial. Toman is also another currency which is one tenth of a Rial.
- Internet connectivity is sluggish with most websites and social media blocked. Be prepared for a digital detox and inform your loved ones that you wouldn’t be able to make internet calls.
- Persian traditional food is a must try, except that vegetarians might find an issue or opt for aubergine / eggplant based dishes.
- There is no alcohol in Iran, nor are bars or clubs. Non-alcoholic beer in a variety of fruit flavours are served or go for the Iranian tea with saffron and other flavours.
- Souvenirs to shop from Iran – Persian silk carpets, pistachios and nuts, saffron, rose petals and rose water, Persian ceramic pottery, sweets and chai.

So globetrotters, keep side your inhibitions and add Iran in your travel bucket-list. It will certainly not disappoint you but would be exhilarating and memorable, while leaving you with new perspectives.

Happy travel.

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Balakrishnan Posted on Nov 29, 2018

Truly amazing


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