Is Food Adulteration bad for your skin-care?

Food adulteration is more than just an expiry date on your food package. From chemicals in spices, milk and milk products to carcinogenic chemicals in our vegetables etc, Food adulteration is fast taking over our world. The side-effects can be irreparable damages to our body parts and body functions and even some cosmetic changes in our skin. These cosmetic changes though can be just the starting of deeper and more complex health issues, waiting around the corner.  As a skin-specialist I advice mr clients not only about what to eat, but how much to eat and how to eat it safely too. 

Hidden Sugar – The Evil Wrinkle makers - A little bit of sugar is great for everyone's health. It is the undetected and hidden sugar in food products like biscuits, colas, breads etc that can eat us hollow from inside. Excess sugar permanently attaches to the collagen in our skin through a process known as Glycation resulting in sagging skin and wrinkles and even blocked arteries. The more sugar you eat, the more likely it is you’ll develop insulin resistance, which can manifest as excess hair growth (hirsutism) and dark patches on the neck and in body creases. Avoiding processed food and switching to natural sugars found in fruits is a great way to avoid this. 

Metanil yellow - Taking the shine off your skin
You could be consuming Metanil Yellow in the most so called 'healthy' food products like haldi or turmeric, toor daal and even sweets, jams and more. It is a non-permitted food colour which is known cause havoc with our body. Metanil yellow, one of the most frequently used adulterants is known to slow down the ability of our brain to learn new things. Metanil also reduces the blood flow in the body and hence less oxygen travels to the skin. This shows up as dull and dry skin. So if deep moisturising is also not helping your skin, its time to check your food for adulteration. 

Corn Syrup - Cellulite and hyper-pigmentation 
Honey is great for our skin, as food and even as a beauty-pack. But only Pure Honey. Not honey adulterated with sugar and corn syrup. Corn Syrup is a high fructose containing syrup which causes cellulite, acne and even hyper-pigmentation. So next time you are buying honey, I suggest you check it for adulteration. How? Click here. 

Trans fat - Blocks Omega 3 
Trans-fats are mostly found in Ghee and Oils, and are a disaster for your skin and they have no useful functioning in the body whatsoever. Apart from heart disease and acne, they have also been linked to behavioural problems such as random, uncontrollable aggression, which is possibly again due to the blocked omega 3s. The omega 3 issue is extremely important because they are very important for a sound mental health, therefore eating trans-fats can make you more vulnerable to depression. 

Artificial Colours - Carcinogen

Those fancy three tier cakes and even the three coloured biryani rice can well be stuff that could make you extremely ill. The artificial oculars used in these like Allura red, brilliant blue, Tartazine etc are mostly banned. These can cause allergies and even hyperactivity, especially in kids. More alarmingly these artificial dyes can cause skin cancer. So next time choose natural colours to dye food like Saffron, Beet juice etc. 

If you have any question or tips on food adulteration and its effects on our skin you can write to me at Dr. Ipsa Pandya, Or leave a comment below and I will get back to you immediately. Till then stay safe. 

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