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Is Tetra Pak, Glass bottle or Plastic Pouch milk Safe for you?

As a Mom you are getting your kids to consume two glasses of milk everyday. One with chocolate and another with honey. Good Job. But only if it is Safe Milk. So how do we decide? Skimmed or whole? In Tetra Pak? In Plastic Pouch? In Glass Bottle? And how about drinking straight from the udder?

Yes, it is not about WHY milk or HOW MUCH milk!! Its about "WHICH" milk is safe for us!! 

What are we looking for? 

Milk which is fresh, free from food poisoning bacteria, which can last long, which does not get spoiled quickly and nutrients are retained is the best milk. And adulteration of milk is one of the growing concerns in the present world. Milk is adulterated with detergent and chalk powder. Therefore, we are always perturbed with respect to the quality of milk.
Standing before the milk shelf counter in the grocery store, I have a choice of picking up –

Milk packed in plastic bags. These are not very expensive but I know that it has to be consumed immediately. They are not pasteurized and therefore it spoils very quickly as it has more bacteria. This milk is generally boiled before consumption with the intention to kill the bacteria present it in. But the fact is by boiling milk, we not only kill the bacteria present it, but we are also burning its nutrient content. In short we land up drinking well boiled water instead of the highly nutritious liquid. Also we all know that milk purchased loose and in plastic bags can be adulterated easily.

Pasteurised milk is generally available in glass bottles. Pasteurized milk contains no food poisoning bacteria because it is heated usually to 71 degrees for 15 seconds, making it safe and last longer. But they have to be stored in refrigerator. I cannot stock up more milk bottles if I do not have enough space in my refrigerator.

UHT carton milk –This is Ultra high temperature treated milk. Here, the milk is heated at a high temperature of 135 degree Celsius for about 3 to 4 seconds and cooled down immediately and packed in tetra pak carton. The unique combination of pasteurizing milk at an ultra-high temperature, and then packaging it in a Tetra Pak carton, results in milk having a long shelf life. Ultra-pasteurization eliminates bacteria and Tetra Pak carton packaging keeps out light, air and harmful contaminants. Therefore, there is no need to boil the milk. No refrigeration is needed until the carton is opened. So, we can stock up the milk without worrying about refrigerator space. We can take it with us whenever we are on move, put it into kids’ lunch boxes, and take it to events and picnics, without worrying about the safety or quality of the milk. The most amazing part is that there are no preservatives added during the process of creating shelf safe milk.

What did I pick? 
I picked up the UHT milk packed in Tetra Pak carton . Though it is a little expensive, I know I am going to save my trips to hospital and reduce my stress caused due to ill health. Moreover, this eco-friendly package preserves all the wholesome goodness of milk and helps kids get the vitamins and nutrients of milk, anytime, anywhere.

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Demarlo Posted on Jul 21, 2018

I was struck by the hoetnsy of your posting


Purvi Iyer Posted on Oct 10, 2017

Good information.. i switched to tetra Pack milk couple of years ago. Besides it being healthy ( i use organic) like the long shelf life.


Malathi Posted on Oct 10, 2017

Thank You Jayanti. Objective comparisons of packaging of milk in the market is helpful in picking up the right product. Your article was brief concise and helpful.

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Gowri Ramesh Posted on Oct 10, 2017

Good information. It does make sense to pick up either pasteurized milk.


Mona Shah Posted on Oct 10, 2017

I always battle with similar concerns. What are your thoughts on A2 milk and the happy cow brands such as Pride of Cows and Woohoo?


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