Trendy hairstyle for kids

It is Raining Hairstyles for Kids

We all love that cold breeze that monsoon brings along but not the moisture that dampens our hair, makes it look limp and oily. But kids don't care and that is a bliss. But our concern for their hair-health should not stop them from living free and dancing in the rain.

Frizzy, unmanageable hair can cause much distress and make the kids irritable. Oiling hair regularly is must in this season and looking out for unwanted guests in the creases of their hair a necessity. Oh and if monsoons do end up leaving lice in your kid's hair, don't fret. Just add Kapur to coconut oil and leave it in their hair and wash off after 10 minutes. And make oiling their hair with neem leaves extract added to hair oil, is a must.

And styling their hair to keep the tresses off their forehead, neck and face is a tried and tested successful style and comfort mantra. Here are some easy and trendy hairstyles to dress up the kids and leave them ready for the monsoon-playtime.

                                   Pinterest Image: KetchupMoms

                                    Kids Fashion: KetchupMoms

                                    Wves for girls: KetchupMoms

                                     Hair Style for Kids: KetchupMoms

                                    Half Braids For Kids: KetchupMoms

                                     Mickey Mouse for Kids: KetchupMoms

                                      Colored Bands: KetchupMoms

                                     Hats and Caps for kids: KetchupMoms

                                    Boys Stylish Hair Styles: KetchupMoms

                                     French Braid for kids: KetchupMoms

                                    Pigtails for kids: KetchupMoms

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