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It’s time to take charge of your health!

Recently one of my best friends passed away and he was just 38 years old. I have still not come out of this gloomy, sorrowful shocking death. The culprit was none other than the silent killer “Diabetics”. I am sure some of you would have also come across such unfortunate deaths.

Death has no time. But when it occurs untimely, the sadness is certainly many folds more. Are you aware that 90% of the untimely premature death is due to lack of health care?! Well, health care not just refers to owning a good health insurance policy and enrolling for gym/yoga or Zumba classes. While we all are in the run to take health insurance policies to save financial crunches and to take up gym membership or enroll for yoga or Zumba to stay fit, we somehow neglect the most important aspect to take care of our health and that is – Regular Health Check-up.

Why should we get regular health checkup? Simple fact -
• It helps us to find out problems (if any )at an early stage, thereby chances of treatment and cure are better.
• Saves plenty of money eventually because it minimizes the risk of potential health issues and lowers the risk for surgery or any kind of extensive medical care in the future.
• It helps to live longer and heathier.

How often should we do it?
Our age, health, family history and lifestyle choices in terms of what we eat, how active we are, whether we smoke/drink alcohol, defines what and how often we need healthcare. Generally, it can be done yearly or halfyearly. But in case of any emergency hospitalization, the reports of last 6 months are only valid. Therefore, one can opt to do health care check-up once in 6 months
Tip- Choose the day after your birthday or wedding anniversary and freeze it and gift yourself a healthy gift. Else as couple you can also choose to do it on Valentine’s day – mark of expressing your love for each other because you care of each other. By choosing dates like this, one does not forget the date and it becomes a regular practice too. 

Where should we get it done? We just need to call good certified and reputed laboratories or hospitals and book an appointment for blood and urine test which will cover almost 30 – 35 health parameters.

What parameters should one check for? With just one prick for blood sample and a little of urine, one can get the following parameters tested which covers up the functioning of all the vital organs of our body. 

Haemogram : blood count
• Haemoglobin
• Packed cell volume
• R.B.C. count
• E.S.R.
• Peripheral Smear
• Platelet Count
• Total W.B.C./Differential Count
Healthy Life
Biochemical Parameters : diabetic/ sugar level test
• Fasting Sugar
• HbA1C
• Urea /Creatinine
• Uric Acid
• PP Blood Sugar (only for diabetic patients)

Lipid Profile : - Cholestrol
• Total Cholesterol
• HDL Cholesterol
• LDL Cholesterol
• Triglycerides
• Total Cholesterol /HDL Ratio

Liver Function Tests :
• Total Protein/Albumin/Globulin
• Alkaline Phosphatase
• S. Bilirubin

Thyroid Function Tests-

Complete Urine Analysis
• Blood pressure
• Mammogram (40+ women)

How should you prepare ourself for the check-up – Just stay chilled as there is absolutely nothing to get prepared. One must have early dinner the previous day to keep 10-12 hours of fasting and get the test done in the morning in empty stomach.

Inshort, one can call it as periodic health evaluation or annual comprehensive medical exam or simply as general and preventive health check, it is vital for all of us to do this regularly and not let the silent killers or grave diseases decide the length of our life.

And so, this Wednesday we are glad to share that our founder Charu Chhitwal and Creative Head Shiny Sachdeva are taking their first step towards wellness with Ms Preeti Tyagi, a certified Health Coach and founder of My22BMI. Follow their wellness journey, cheer them, and jeer them when they cheat and win some healthy surprises on the way.

Know our Health Counsellor better-
My22BMI is a digital healthcare startup addressing the problem of managing lifestyle diseases through personalised diet plans. My22BMI empower lives to eat healthy and smartly and believe food should be your first medicine. My22BMI works against the inflammation in the gut - also called as second brain. The team consists of IITians, Lifestyle Medicine doctor, health coaches from IIN New York, and India's reputed Nutrition schools. The expert health coaches provide personalised diet plans for heart health, gut health, skin & hair health, weight management, mother & child nutrition and hormonal health. 

Also click here to get your first free consultation with My22BMI.

Stay tuned with our Wellness Wednesday Posts to know tricks, tips and more to stay healthy.

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