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Jaggery or Sugar ??

Ever wondered why older people have a practise to eat a piece of jaggery after meal?

Down the Southern part of India, jaggery is offered to certain deities on auspicious occasions and religious festivals. Jaggery water (referred as Panakkam) is offered to Lord Narasimha, the fourth avatar of Lord Vishnu who is considered as the most ferocious, to cool him down. Similarly, Ram Navami celebrations also include the panakkam as offering mainly because it is celebrated in the month of March-April, and hence to beat the heat. On the contrary, jaggery is also consumed during winter as it develops heat in our body. This can make us think of the many benefits that jaggery can attribute to our everyday lives.

Jaggery, similar to sugar, is obtained from the juice of sugarcane by boiling concentrated and raw sugarcane juice till it produces thick crystals. Date palm and coconut sap are also other sources of jaggery, although the former is the most commonly used. Jaggery consists of sugar in the form of sucrose and is widely used in different food products in the form of a sweetener. It is considered healthier in comparison to refined sugar because it has vital minerals preserved in it. Sugar, on the other hand is a refined form and doesn’t have any nutritional value.

Jaggery has many nick names. It is also known as ‘Gur’ in Hindi, ‘Bellam’ in Telugu, ‘Vellam’ in Tamil, ‘Sharkara’ in Malayalam, ‘Bella’ in Kannada, and ‘Gul’ in Marathi.

Some of the popular benefits of consuming jaggery as a part of everyday diet includes:

Benefits of jaggeryPurifies blood
• Rich source of iron and provides instant energy and can replace the store bought ORS
• Prevents constipation and aids in digestion as it stimulates digestive enzymes and regulates bowel movement
• Improves metabolism with its high levels of potassium and helps in weight management and reduces the retention of extra water in the body
• Jaggery helps in the release of happy hormones called endorphins and women can combat the symptoms of PMS like mood swings, fatigue etc
• Jaggery helps cleanse the liver by flushing out harmful toxins from the body
• Loaded with antioxidants and minerals such as zinc and selenium, it helps fight against infections
Keeps the stomach cool and recommended as a summer drink or sherbet
• Helps fight common cold and flu
• Benefits in skin nourishment and controls pimples

The list of benefits goes on and therefore, jaggery can be used as a substitute for sugar in tea, coffee, milk and even in sweets. In fact, you could surely replace the aerated drinks or even packaged juice in your refrigerator with jaggery sherbet.

RECEIPE - Combine jaggery and water and add a pinch of dry ginger and pepper and top it with ice or store in clay jugs to stay naturally cool.

However, do you know that even jaggery is adulterated?? So, before you pick up the jaggery from grocery outlet, keep the following tips in mind -

An excellent quality jaggery will ideally have a deep brown colour, right flavour and hardness.
If the jaggery block has crystals on it or if it is too soft, it means it has undergone other processes to make it sweeter.
• Lighter colour or yellowish colour can be a result of any chemical treatments done.
• If the jaggery is salty in taste, it indicates the high concentration of mineral salts and its reduced freshness.
• Bitterness in jaggery is a result of caramelisation during the boiling process.

Turn into food inspectors at home……To check for adulteration in jaggery at home in this effortless way, click here. 

So, how about substituting sugar with jaggery!! rn

Note - If you are diabetic, do take your doc's opinion before you do the switch.

Comments (6)

Alexx Bloom Posted on Jul 27, 2018

Now i know why they used to do it and helpful thing to know


Jhilmil Bhansali Posted on Jul 26, 2018

I still remember that mom used to give a piece of Gur after food, more so in winters as she insisted it is good for metabolism and a good digestion.


Roma Posted on Jul 26, 2018

I agree the benefits of jaggery are far too many and it is my personal favorite too. Like you rightly pointed out in today’s times I fear it’s adulteration the most.


Jiya Posted on Jul 26, 2018

We have been using jaggery as an option to my kids diet. its healthy and very good. I remember my mom use to serve us makki roti with jaggery and ghee when we were kids.


Priyanka Posted on Jul 26, 2018

There are multiple benefits for the same number of calories, making jaggery a clear winner. So the next time, before i add sugar to my cup of tea, i replace it with jaggery. Nice info


Seema Wadhwa Posted on Jul 25, 2018

Yes, we often see elderly people consume jaggery over sugar. And after reading the health benefits, I can see why! It\'s definitely a more natural form of sugar as well


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