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Join KetchupMoms' founder & Creative Head on their My22BMI Wellness Journey

When you are a start-up, you end up eating your way through meetings at various cafes and co-working spaces like Chaayos, Digent, Starbucks, Roots, Uptown and more. Soon the curve starts going up, on your weighing scale sadly and not the profit margins. But is that the only reason why I, founder Charu Chhitwal and our Creative Head Shiny Sachdev were walking away from fitness and health goals? According to our Editor and fitness freak Jayanti Ramanath, a complete health check-up was the way forward. Especially since  both of us were ignoring some underlying health signals for a while, like fatigue, irritability, bloating, aches and pains and of course weight gain. In fact they have tried different diet fads and weight-loss solutions and have been quite disappointed. 

This is when we met Ms. Preeti Tyagi, a certified wellness coach and the founder of My22BMI and she reiterated the same. After a thorough counselling and health tests,  today on Wednesday, the 20th June, 2018, we have hit the road to our wellness under her guidance. And for the next 6 months we urge you to follow our graph of success ad failures, while we fight our the root cause of our ill health, junk-food cravings and more. 

Wellness Journey of two KetchupMoms with My22BMI

How does it work:

Well My22BMI is not a weight-loss clinic or inch reducing fad. It is an institute that believes in getting to the root cause of an individual's health problems and concerns. And trust us that while we all would love to blame fat & oil and sugar and flour for all our issues, the root cause are dramatically different for each individual. And this is where the philosophy of My22BMI kicks in. They believe in personalised diet counselling and engaging and motivating one through sustainable habits. Yes, the diet charts that Shiny and Charu have received our based on their own body and food and health analysis. AND YES YOU DON'T HAVE TO FOLLOW OUR DIETS, JUST CLICK HERE AND GO FOR YOUR FREE COUNSELLING SESSION NOW!

How they have personalised it for us:

Shiny Sachdeva, Creative Head KetchupMoms has been put on their Gut Health Programme. 

A mother of two kids, she is a Thalassemia Minor. Has always suffered low haemoglobin levels and has been diagnosed with Vitamin D deficiency. She is also facing weight gain issues and pain in her knees, in early 30's. As she is a vegetarian and has a sedentary lifestyle, My22BMI team has worked a diet for her accordingly.

Positive: She loves to dress up, is health conscious and is geared for wellness.

Negative: Eats out a lot, has a foodie husband and sleeps really late.

Don't forget to follow her journey on our Facebook page and instagram handles too.

Wellness Journey of two KetchupMoms with My22BMI

Charu Chhitwal, Founder KetchupMoms has been put on their Women's Health Programme- PCOD
A mother of twins, she was diagnosed with lifestyle disease, PCOD, an estimates says 1 in every 5 women in     India is affected by PCOS. It can create weigh-gain, hormonal imbalance and even infertility, more on it in another article. She loves her food and her Zomato account is privy to that. A hardcore non-vegetarian she has been asked to skip her favourite -A cup of hot milk with bournvita. Lets see hoe far will she get with her journey.
Positive: She is a mountain lover girl and wants to regain her fitness to be able to enjoy the hikes and trails with her family.
Negative: Eats out a lot, is a complete foodie and loves to cook fancy stuff loaded with calories. 
Don't forget to follow her journey on her personal Facebook page 'As a matter of fat' too and on KetchupMoms' Facebook and instagram handles too.

Don't forget to win your own personal free consultation with MY22BMI here and sign in to see if it works for us??? Every Wednesday, you can check back on our journey and our highs and lows, on the homepage. 

Know our Wellness Guide My22BMI better:


My22BMI is a digital healthcare startup addressing the problem of managing lifestyle diseases through personalised diet plans. My22BMI empower lives to eat healthy and smartly and believe food should be your first medicine. My22BMI works against the inflammation in the gut - also called as second brain. The team consists of IITians, Lifestyle Medicine doctor, health coaches from IIN New York, and India's reputed Nutrition schools. The expert health coaches provide personalised diet plans for heart health, gut health, skin & hair health, weight management, mother & child nutrition and hormonal health.

Comments (11)

Snigdha Prusti Posted on Jun 26, 2018

This is really interesting. Very curious to know the progress and throughout journey.


Dipika Singh Posted on Jun 25, 2018

This is interesting. Look forward to read more and learn from this insightful page.


Shub B Posted on Jun 25, 2018

It sounds like they have a good wellness journey. I am looking forward to checking this out.


Priyanka Posted on Jun 24, 2018

It is the great way of fitness journey. My22BMI empower lives to eat healthy and smartly .. Love to read it


Papri Ganguly Posted on Jun 24, 2018

Nice article shared. This should be read by all women


Monika Sehdev Posted on Jun 23, 2018

Health is wealth. Indeed a true motivating post. Thanks for sharing.


Khadija Posted on Jun 23, 2018

Loved reading this post. Looking forward to know more about the journey


Mrinal Kiran Posted on Jun 23, 2018

I am not overweight but too lazy to move during holidays or off time and that causes indigestion and weight gain! Looking forward to benefit from this program!


Jhilmil D Saha Posted on Jun 23, 2018

This sounds so interesting. Would want to know more and curious how your journey goes


Yogeeta Posted on Jun 23, 2018

PCOD is a rare case, I\'m sure MY22BMI will help you to overcome all the negatives in your lifestyle and guide you accordingly. I\'m facing one thing after marriage is sleeping late nights :( Kinda Night Owl, this makes me feel I should start some kind of exercise.


Sangeeta G Posted on Jun 22, 2018

Looking forward to learn about their fitness and wellness journey.


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