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Nothing escapes a mother’s keen eye. That extra cookie the barista gave your child. The rose your dry cleaner stitched back on to your daughter’s dress. The disapproving tilt of the head at that fancy sit-down restaurant. Those hidden messages in the kids’ favourite stories. The warmth of the small town they want to visit again and again. That toy, news or gesture that made them smile, laugh, explore or cry.
Let’s band together in the KetchupMoms community and share our experiences. This is the place to question, share and discover the most caring, thoughtful, safe and fun places, books, toys, restaurants, neighbourhood parks and food. Everything and much more.

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Charu Chhitwal

Charu Chhitwal, Founder KetchupMoms has daring tastebuds, a love for travel and an owl for her soul. It’s little wonder then that she loves to write and share her tips and tricks on traveling, food,

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