Authentic Kashmiri food at Khyen Chyen, Gurgaon

Ideally, I would love to be sitting by some pristine blue stream with the sun shining on my back and the wind playing with my hair. A place where saffron fields fill my eyes and one can hear the walnuts falling on the ground, straight off a tree. But honestly, I am happy that if I cannot be in Kashmir, at least I can enjoy authentic Kashmiri food right here in Gurgaon. Yes, Khyen Chyen which means khaana-peena or eating and drinking, is a cozy little place with authentic Kashmiri cuisine.

KetchupMoms rating: 4/5


Ambience: Although I must confess I thought this was a fine dining restaurant, it really is a small, casual and cozy place to eat. All of four tables there. A great place to eat-in, one can also order-in food from there since they deliver across Gurgaon.

Food: Ok Khyen Chyen is an authentic Kashmiri food place. Yup, their kava is the beginning of authenticity. Their sweet onion chutney and mooli chutney with chilli and lemon is a perfect accompaniment.
Tabbakmas made of goat ribs was crispy on the top and melting, soft in the mouth underneath (but it is pure fat you are eating, no kidding that). Yum. Gushtaba was soft and flavourful and curry was delectable with the Jammu rice. Yakhini was again delicious however the curry is the same as Gushtaba. So next time I need to remember to order Rista which comes in Rogan Josh curry. Tandoori roti and butter naan were good. Got Phirni complimentary aha! May be it was for the kids or may be that was a smart way to get us to taste their yummy desserts too.

Service: Prompt and very friendly. We got our starters in less than 10 minutes. From there on the food just kept flowing in. Hot and tasty.

Price: Prices are very fair. In fact they have a choice of smaller portion, bigger and super hungry portions. So if you are eating out alone you can order just enough for yourself and pay for just that one portion.

Approximate meal for a family of five (2 kids): Rs.3000 / 48$

Kid Friendly: YES. 4.5/5
It is a small and casual place and so no one gives you that look if your child talks or asks for something loudly (what a relief). Also my 3 1/2 twins loved dishes like Gushtaba and Yakhini as the meat balls were soft and creamy. Even the curry is non-spicy.

Hope you enjoy a great meal at Khyen Chyen. Till then we will keep exploring more places to suit your palate and that of your kids.

This post has not been sponsored or paid for by any means. It is the honest opinion of the writer.

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Janessa Posted on Jul 21, 2018

What a plruease to find someone who thinks through the issues


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