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The last month has been an enriching experience for the KetchupMoms editorial team and for the judges of “The World Through My Lens” photo contest. We were expecting to see some creative pictures but the depth and originality of the submissions impressed us.

Was it difficult to choose a winner? Yes, honestly, these creative children captured some magical moments. It was a tough choice but we all finally agreed on the winners.


Here is what our judge Sara Smeaton, Associate Managing Editor, Active for Life had to say:

“Selecting the top five images for the KetchupMoms photo contest was difficult because there were some very interesting photographs. To make choosing a little easier, I created a grading system that helped me narrow it down: the category had to make sense based on the photo, it needed to be framed well, it needed to have an interesting perspective, be creative, and be generally appealing. The photo of the girl sitting on the steps got the highest marks of all the photos. But most of all that picture captured my imagination. In my mind, I could see kids running up and down those steps and through the sand. I love how the horizon is hidden in fog, how the little girl is in sharp focus, and how the people and boats are so colourful against the muted scene. This photo makes me rethink my definition of a playground, I just wish I could see the kids playing in the photo as they do in my imagination.”

And here is what Janet Pliszka of KidsPhotographyAcademy, our second judge had to say why she chose the winners:

Girl on Steps

“First, think of how this image makes you feel. When I look at it, I feel very contemplative. I am wondering how this girl is feeling. Is she sad, is she lonely? Is she waiting for someone to return? This image makes me feel emotion and makes me ask questions which are both indicators of a picture that pulls in it’s viewers.
Compositionally, the placement of the girl in the image a bit to the side rather than right in the middle is pleasing to the eye. And I love the burst of colour with her blues against the main neutral background. Lovely work!”

Cottage Life By The Lake 

“When I look at this picture, a feeling of relaxation and comfort comes over me. I think of all the stories, both sad and happy, that those chairs have heard.
Compositionally I like how the photographer kept the deck in the lower half of the frame rather than the middle and how the chairs were kept clear and distinct. And of course the colours of this image are just beautiful. That takes patience and great timing with a sunset or sunrise, so well done!”

Yes, if these winning entries are beautiful, the three runners-up photos are mesmerising in their own way. Diwali lanterns, an interesting statue and the Indian Roller Bird. So interesting and surprising!


Congratulations to the winners!

2 Grand Prize Winners
Aruna from New Delhi (Girl on Steps)
Sophie from Toronto (Cottage Life by the Lake)

Runners Up
Nirvaan from Mumbai (Diwali Lanterns)
Akash from Gurgaon (Statue in Garden)
Atharv from Mumbai (Indian Roller Bird)

The top two winners will receive a year’s worth of membership of Kids Photography Academy online photography lessons worth $125. Perfect to help them further develop their love of photography. All top 5 entries will be featured in our posts on the “The World Through My Lens” kids photo contest.

Thanks so much to all the participants and our judges. We had a lot of fun seeing the world through the creative eyes of these children. We hope you had an equally clickable time.

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