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It felt weird to be sitting in a hospital and facing what we can call an Indian Junk Food corner. Maybe the reality of a family member being wheeled in for major surgery led to some health-realisation. But surely getting the kids some fries and burgers would get them off my back I thought. My neck did 180degrees and my mind was not surprised that junk lay waiting in most of the plates around me. The kids almost read my mind and wondered if I was going to risk it. Well I was. Especially when a health-promising food stall was vying for our collective attention, that too just a counter away – Whole Foods

Chance Discovery
A day before, we were at the emergency gate of Fortis Hospital Gurgaon. Eagerly awaiting the ‘visitors time’ to start, we were unable to ignore our tea-pangs. Instantly we zeroed in on a counter in the corner called – Whole Foods. What was going to be an impromptu tea party got converted into a Soup and Samosa (Indian bread in a triangle shape filled with potatoes) party. Surprisingly the Tomato Soup did not have that cornflour taste and was actually very refreshing and the Samosa was crisp, light and yet Whole wheat. Yes, how healthy was that for a change, both for my kids and me?

Repeat visit with kids at Whole Foods?
So there a day later, I took the first step, yes it is always difficult, towards eating healthy outside food. The choices were decent – Veg thali with rice, chapati, vegetable and daal (home cooked, less oily kinds). Sandwiches, salads and even low-calorie cookies made of oats and raisins etc. Thankfully, my kids approved of my choice.

Will Kids like it?
It is healthy yet tasty. No, not the Channa Bhatura (Chick peas with deep-fried bread) types tasty, home-cooked type tasty. Even the cookies on their counter were a health-conscious (No, I am just new to these choices thanks to motherhood) person’s dream come true. They substitute sugar with raisins and honey. Whole Foods have cane-sugar coated nuts etc. Thankfully kids don’t understand health fads, they understand taste. And they loved the food (also picked up sugar-free for my Ma).

Why I am ok with kids eating out at Whole Foods?
Whole Foods has 9 cafes in and around Delhi, as says their website. My husband reminded me that their items are also available at Godrej Food stores or a Big Bazaar near you. But what is equally interesting is the fact that a practising clinical nutritionist Ishi Khosla, has started this venture. That makes me feel either Whole Foods is all about safe and healthy eating or is just a fad. I hope it is the first one. Oh and the basic check – kids had no upset stomach the next day. Yes, that is my Litmus test to quality.


Even the packaging of the Samosa said ‘Whole Wheat’, that sounds good to a mother’s ear. The sugar-free cookies are an acquired taste. I adapted quickly, maybe because of its high-fibre ingredients. The packaging is simple but informative. And you don’t have to scan the entire packet to check for the ingredients, price and expiry date. It is all put together, large and bold. That sure means they have nothing to hide.


The prices at Whole Foods are not very competitive, but they are not obscene. And yes if the food value is true to its promise, I don’t mind paying a little extra for my Kid’s health.

I have not been a health-friendly person for the better part of my life. But being a mother makes me want to be healthy and most importantly be around when they need me. It also urges me to make the correct choices for my kids. I am constantly looking around for that healthy but tasty treats for my kids. I have found one in Whole Foods, looking out for more.

The writer is a mother. And a mother’s concerns, choices and reviews can neither be coloured nor bought. A good review is earned, just like this one.

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Dhian Posted on Mar 24, 2015

It is excellent advise, if all young mother follow religiously.


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