10 ways to encourage a passion for photography in your kids

In continuation of our series on kids and photography, Janet Pliszka, owner of Kids Photography Academy, a professional family photographer and teacher of photography to kids has some great suggestions on how to involve children in photography. Check out her online photography lessons to broaden your child’s creative horizons. See $20 discount below.

Taking pictures can strengthen the voices of children of all ages. Expressing their views in a visual sense, can increase their self-confidence, expand their creativity and give them lots of fun along the way. Here’s a collection of ways to involve your child in photography.

1. Hand over the camera! 

Practice improves any art, so let them take tons and tons of pictures. Take a deep breath and don’t be afraid to give your kids your camera (age appropriate of course!). Kids love telling stories and a camera is just another medium. Sure, there are going to be lots of blurry ones, just keep the ones they love and use the delete button for the others. With time and knowledge you’ll see their imagination flow and their images improve.

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2. Display their photos.

Nothing makes a child more proud than seeing their artwork up in your home. Not only will it make them grin from ear to ear, these images will also bring a smile to your face time and time again when you pass them throughout the day. Here are a couple of ideas to get started.

3. Photo scavenger hunt!

Another way to get kid moving around, being active, creative and discovering the world around them all while still keeping connected to technology. How can you do it? Make a list of pictures for your child to take. Get creative by including emotions, colours, actions, shapes and objects that look like letters. Challenge older kids with more specific objects or more abstract concepts. Hey, you can even get selfish and ask for things you’ve always wanted photos of…like yourself!

The game is to take photographs of everything on the list. Divide into teams, add in a time limit to make it more competitive and fun.

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4. Get them to tell a story.

Your child feels strongly about something. A charity they know, their love of LEGO, their science project, their ski team, their school’s anti-bullying campaign. Get them to express their views and opinions on the subject through images. This project will give them a specific purpose for their photo-taking and start to instill the importance of using their voice. And it’s an opportunity to pull together all the concepts they learn with the online lessons available at Kids Photography Academy into a project that will showcase many of their images.

5. Give them the spotlight!
Hook up their slideshow of photos to the big TV. It can be as fun as your family vacation to Mexico or as serious as the story they did above. Gather on the couch and be prepared for a proud tear or two as they show you their stuff. Video it and send it to grandparents and family.

6. A 365 day project.
This is all about capturing the ‘everyday’ in their life. It’s a commitment but so worth it in the end. Not only do they practice their photography-taking skills, but a beautiful recollection of their year in images will be the result. If a picture a day is too much, make it a 52-week project. Show off these photos in an album. Do this every year and by the time they’re off to university, they’ll have a whole series to treasure.

7. Volunteer for school clubs and committees
It could be working on the yearbook or the photography club, the school newspaper or the class blog. If there’s not a club around, get involved with Kids Photography Academy and their membership program. The program gives monthly newsletters with projects for them to work on, plus they have a chance to enter different contests and see the works of other kids.

8. Inspire them!
Show them the works of famous photographers and artists. You’ll see their own style start to develop as they are naturally drawn to and as they start to identify with particular artists. Go to gallery shows of local artists or visit your museum, or go online. It is amazing how many international museums have uploaded their famous paintings and photographs to their website.

9. Sort through old photos of your family.
This will be sure to bring up lots of laughter, questions and bonding as you go through photos together. Stories will be shared and connections will be made alongside the reorganizing of those old prints. Everyone wins.

10. Take a walk in nature. Show the seasons.
Same place, different season. Taking photos of their favourite places at different times of the year gives an appreciation for nature as well as exposure to different light throughout the year. Frame the pictures as a series of 4 and you’ll have a gorgeous piece of artwork for your home. If a year is too long to wait, shorten up the time frame and have them take pictures at different times of the day.

Photography is an artistic way to expression for kids especially in today’s digital world. Not only that it’s a great avenue to have lots of fun.

This article has been written and sponsored by Janet Pliszka, Calgary based family photographer and founder of Kids Photography Academy. Janet’s mission is to inspire all children to share their stories and their unique perspectives through photography.

Janet is offering a kid’s membership to online photography lessons at KPA at $20 off. Members will receive extra monthly photography and creativity ideas to complement lessons plus invitations to exclusive contests as they join in on the photo taking adventure! Promotion valid until December 31, 2015. Use the coupon “ketchupmoms” when you check out here.

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Jessica Posted on Sep 04, 2017

Most children love being outdoors. Learning to take photos will help them improve focus, explore their natural surroundings and see the world in a new perspective.\r\nhttps://www.parentcircle.com/article/how-to-encourage-your-child-to-take-up-nature-photography/


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