Moms do you know more than your Kids about Kiddle and RIO Olympics

As I got my kids ready for their Sports Day, my son confidently asked me “Mom who is the fastest runner on earth, do you know?” Before I could answer, my daughter replied “Osane Bolt”. Yes I know it is Usain Bolt. But a 4yr old should be pardoned a little slip on pronunciation, don’t you think? I for one was truly amazed at the question, and the answer. 2 hours later I was mesmerised by the sheer knowledge and skill on display at their sports programme, at their school. There is so much we as parents learnt that day from our kids.

From ABC to Rio 2016 Summer Olympics: Classes from pre-nursery to KG were participating in the Sports Day at my kids’ school, so we were all geared up to cheer them to the finish line. Little did we know that we were going to be transported to Rio from India for a sneak peak of the Olympics. The next three hours these toddlers were running, hopping and presenting every aspect of Olympics using even the Venn Diagram. They made flags of participating countries, prepared the torch and even showcased a carnival. And I am not ashamed to admit I did not know half the facts that these little learners along with their wonderful teachers shared with us.

Share and learn: I know we keep teaching our kids about ‘learn to share’, but with rising prices it might be a good idea to ‘share and learn’. Share books and toys within your inner circle of friends and lo behold your kids have an entire new collection at their disposal. And we can learn from the kids too, and share our cars yes ‘carpool’ and save the earth.

Save the Earth and its inhabitants: Sadly we are living in times when religion, nationality, caste and creed has become supreme. And we can learn from a little Indian girl called Mariam Asif Siddiqui. A 12 year old Muslim girl from Mumbai, Mariam won the Bhagwad Gita competition organised by the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON). She was competing against 4,500 students in this competition which was all about explaining the teachings of the holy book ‘Bhagwad Gita’ written by Hindu God Krishna.

The most beautiful thing is that she was not in the competition for just cramming it up but rather to learn more about other religions. If this is not inspiring what is.

Coming to inspiring kids: So my twin’s grandfather was admitted to the hospital some days ago. At 4, they can hardly understand the complications of his weak heart but they understand that sweets can cheer up everyone. Yes talk about learning from their own personal experiences. So the kids did what they do best, they dug out their piggy banks, collected their loot and had a ‘Doughnut- fund’ ready. We are yet to really go and buy the goodies and treat their grandpa, but I know it is going to be an amazing treat.

Amazing Kiddle: OK so I was not aware about Kiddle, the kid-friendly search engine until my friend Prerna reviewed it on her blog. I love what I see on Kiddle, although my kids are too young to be surfing the net on their own. But it is better to be well equipped. So yes I realised that Kiddle is a censored version of Google, I tried ‘drugs’ and got a failed response. So parents you finally have someone else keeping an eye on your kids online habits now. For a detailed review head to Kiddle’s review on maaofallblogs

Well with the limited knowledge that my twins have at 4 they are already amazing me, I wonder what things like Kiddle can do to both them and me. But I am confident that this generation will balance out emotions and technology, compassion and accountability and humanity and progress.

Would you like us to cover something for you, your fav. film, song, food, country anything? Do let us know, we’d love to hear from you.

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Chel Posted on Feb 28, 2016

My niece would love these! She's using Kiddle already and I love how secure it is. Will be introducing the rest to her soon.

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Nurse Alpha Posted on Feb 27, 2016

I do love the idea and 'share and learn', it's a vital concept that we need to adapt since we were using the latter for a very long time. I think with 'share and learn' people will benefit more with it and they can use it to improve what they have and apply the things that they've learned. The Kiddie search engine is also great too for kids. Unlike in Google, I could see that this search engine is robust and strict in word selection. Truly child-friendly and useful at the same time :)

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Dunja Posted on Feb 27, 2016

The part where they emptied their piggy banks to buy treats for grandpa was so cute :) I also read about Kiddke in someone's blog snd it seems like a great idea, love it

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Kylie Posted on Feb 27, 2016

When I was a nanny I was frequently surprised at one of the 4 year old's knowledge and generosity; I think as adults we have a lot to learn from them as they do us. Keep up the beautiful work! :)

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Veeyah Posted on Feb 27, 2016

Wow, I think Kiddle looks amazing. Never heard of it but now I want to try it out. I'm still single, but I'm sure my brother and my younger cousins can use it. :)

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ROBERT LEE Posted on Feb 26, 2016

The piggy bank and savings. There are so many ways to teach kids how to save. Harder but definitely doable is teaching them the value of money!

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hanabello Posted on Feb 26, 2016

I loved the "Share and Learn" idea. Here in the Philippines, people has yet to catch on to the idea of carpooling, as we have so many cars which is causing the terrible traffic! Book swaps among friends are a great way to save money too.


Riley Reign Posted on Feb 26, 2016

Super cool post. Thank you for sharing!!! I love the idea of kiddle!!!


Joanna Posted on Feb 26, 2016

I think that Kiddle is brilliant! I know that kids in these days are born with phones in their hands if I can say so, and it's important to protect them from bad content and keep their innocence intact. It's so cute that your children do think of other and try to cheer their grandfather up. You thought them very well! :)


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