8 mind-blowing kitchen hacks I learnt in 2015

I cannot even imagine how our mothers and grandmothers survived without basics like washing machines, microwaves, gas and of course the internet. I mean, come on is it not easier to just Google a recipe, or a remedy than to call your mother-in-law and get some free unwanted advice along with it? No, no this is not a mother-in-law bashing article so sorry to get your expectations rising there. This is more of the borrowed wisdom that I have short-listed either from a forward, a Facebook message or Google search. These are 8 kitchen hacks I feel you must know and I must share.

How to cut an apple and keep it from discolouring:
Dip your knife in lemon juice or cut an orange and then cut an apple with the same knife. Apple will not get discoloured for a long, long time. This was a chance discovery I made while I was packing fruit as a snack in my kid’s lunchbox.

Cutting a plate full of grapes at one go: What theyummylife.com suggests is that we place lots of grapes between two plates. Press the top plate to keep the grapes from moving. Now move a knife through the grapes. Voila they are sliced into halves, in seconds. 

Dilute the knotty white sauce with warm water and then just whip it smooth.
I always envied people who conjure that smooth, creamy white sauce to top their boiled pasta. I did realise that putting oil in abundance helps. But what really helps is whipping out the knots while adding some warm water, just before you add cheese to it. So go ahead and enjoy.

Add a tsp of sugar to mushrooms, so they do not darken in colour
My mother-in-law has her cupboard full of kitchen hacks, wait till I lay my hand on its keys. But here is a little hidden gem from there. When cooking mushrooms, add a tsp of sugar. The mushrooms will give you the brightest and whitest smile ever.

Keeping Celery fresh is just a wrap away: Trim the bottom of the celery, dip it in warm water and then in ice-cold water. Dry it and fold it is as tightly as possible in a foil wrap. Yes for detailed instruction please click on the link above.

Use coal powder to clean steel utensils
Much before toothpaste started advertising about the cleansing properties of Coal, we Indians were using it to wash our stained utensils too. In fact in the villages it is still a done thing.

Use Tetra Pak Milk, no boiling, no cooling. No wasting time and no wasting gas.

Get that awful garlic and fish stink off your hands by rubbing lemon on them.
Yes garlic smell is even worse than an ex trying to hang on to you. So next time just try rubbing lemon, no not on your ex, but on your hands.

These small things have made 2015 an easier year for me in the kitchen, hope it does the same for you as you enter 2016.

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Rayonna Posted on Jul 21, 2018

A simple and inglleitent point, well made. Thanks!


Johnd231 Posted on Oct 04, 2017

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