7 ways to keep Lakshmi at home forever!

Written by: Payal Priyadarshini

Diwali is a festival of Mata Lakshmi. Mata Lakshmi’s name has been derived from the Sanskrit word “Lakshya” or ‘aim’. So when we leave the doors of our house open and invite Mata Lakshmi to our house we are welcoming not only luck, prosperity and wealth but also wisdom. The wisdom to declutter our homes and our minds. The wisdom to think beyond ourselves and share our happiness with friends, families and even strangers. The wisdom to be positive. And the wisdom to change our jobs after getting the Diwali bonus for the year. Yes in India KetchupMoms. Diwali, Savings, Prosperity, Luckthis is a perfect time to change jobs. Precisely why I find it strange when people spend Diwali burning their hard earned money on unwanted and avoidable things. By no means am I suggesting you spend it as a festive of ‘giving’ or save the earth by not enjoying to the hilt. All I am saying is that with no Diwali bonus in pocket or still in trauma of that peanuts you got as increment, here are some tricks you can save money this Diwali:

Stop Shopping and start selling Remember most of the things which you buy you never use or need. This Diwali clear your house for fresh energy. Make money by selling things you are not using anymore. Go through your closets and house and find anything and everything you no longer use. Then, don’t just get rid of it, use it to your benefit. Sell it on sites like Olx.in and welcome Lakshmi home.

Don’t buy expensive candles: Rather go for the traditional diyas and decorate them with glitters, paints etc. this will not only give you a huge sense of creative satisfaction and happiness but will also save your thousands. That it is a great way to keep the kids busy, is a plus point. And that you can later wash them and store them for next Diwali is a super Lakshmi-friendly idea.

Don’t let your money go up in smoke: Really, it is ok if you are not that environment-friendly but you need to be money smart for your own sake. If you really love those annoying and polluting crackers just sit back and enjoy your enthusiastic neighbour’s fireworks. Something like standing at the bay and enjoying the fireworks on the Hongkong sky for free! Just do not buy them! So says Lakshmi and its wisdom.

Invite friends over for pot luck: Host a fun pitch-in dinner with your friends. Play cards, sit around a fire pit, or watch movies with your guests. You’ll all save money – and at the same time have a blast.

Don’t carry more than 1000 bucks for the card party: I love playing Teen-Patti or Flash. Not because I am great at it but because the uncertainty of my fortune gives me a high. Yes this is precisely why card ages are considered as ‘gambling’. In the mythological ‘Mahabharata’ story the Pandav Prince even lost their wife as a bet in gambling so we lesser mortals stand no chance. Hence it is better to take a certain amount of money (as less as possible) and leave the table when you run out on it. Happy saving Laksmi, I say.
Make your own gifts: Rather than buying those expensive ones from the fancy stores with super fancy use and throw packaging. Self-made gifts involve your personal touch — something you can’t buy from a store. Even better – include a personal handwritten note with the gift.

Gift less: Yes instead of sending 20 gifts in the neighbourhood, send gifts to 5 great friends and use rest of the money to buy a gift for yourself. Something you really need.

This Diwali let Ma Lakshmi show you the way. Follow it to dhan varsha (rainfall of money).

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