Laughter – no more a challenge

The child in the cradle laughs to himself, so does the saint in his meditation. Also, there is this madman who possibly laughs louder. We can laugh too. But do we laugh always, remains a question!?

Have you ever thought as to why we are not able to laugh always? Or to approach it conversely, Coffee: KetchupMomswhy do we laugh only at times? The rationale in us points out that it would be very stupid, to even think about laughing always. There is a strange feeling that others are noticing us and we may be laughed at. It is this sense of being looked at in an abnormal way, that has made us drop our natural spontaneity and lose our gear. Moreover, we also have the cape of respectability gained during the journey of life and a social image to preserve. The fear of losing this, deeply lurks within, making us cautious and therefore we fence a “check” on ourselves.

Aren’t we in an awkward stage of self-deception in its ugliest form? We are different from ourselves and we think we have moved on. When do we get back?? Or in the first place, should we get back at all? All through this life, our parents and teachers, relatives and neighbors, friends and foes have impressed upon us as a matter of fact that they have accepted or denied the different changes that we have undergone within ourselves – from a student to a seasoned professional, a young man to an old warhorse, an amateur to a sensitive artiste. It is these forms of acceptance, resistance and rejection of multiple people that carry us away from whom we are. We, not realizing the seriousness of the issue, wither away further and lose all the freshness and vitality of the powerful person that should have been the real “I”.

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In the evening of the life, we realize that we have missed exercising an element of alertness and allowed ourselves to be led away. We often ponder over the fact that we could not let ourselves free. Shackles of all kinds bound us from time to time and we are unable to unfetter ourselves, however mightily we try. Old age pricks, leaving us guilty of the wasted years and the missed opportunities, that we could have capitalized on. Strange tendencies grow very late in us and force us to do many, an attempt which we did not try in our youth. It would be incorrect even to pardon ourselves at that point of time.

But as it is rightly said “It’s never too late to start over again”. Everything is not lost. Let us begin now and drop all barriers that prevent us to be ourselves. Nobody is more important than us. Remember that we have to impress none, but keep expressing ourselves and not resort to any form of ostentation or build a social artifice around ourselves. Not be bothered by anyone, let us laugh as if nobody is looking at us. In this feeling of being alone unto ourselves, we experience immense happiness and inner peace instead of being isolated even when we are in a group.

A fantastic French quote - You don’t stop laughing because you have grown old. You grow old because you have stopped laughing. So, laugh as much as you breathe.

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Sundar Ramakrishnan Posted on Aug 14, 2018

Very true. Beautifully expressed.



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