Manikarnika- The Queen Who Fought Like A Woman

Manikarnika: The Queen Of Jhansi is a movie that brings to life the fight of a Queen, a mother, a wife. However, the most brilliant thing is that she fights like a woman! She is daring. She is courageous. She is emotional. And yes she makes it personal! What is truly extraordinary about this movie is that it is made on a real-life warrior Queen- Rani Lakshmibai. And if there is one movie you want your kids to watch on an Inspiring Indian Woman, choose this. 

Movie Review- Manikarnika: The Queen Of Jhansi
Directors - Kangana Ranaut, Raja Krishna Jagarlamudi
Production company: Zee
KetchupMoms Rating: 4 Stars
Age Appropriate: 7+

                                          Manikarnika: The Queen Of Jhansi is a movie that brings to life the fight of a Queen

A Queen who was born not in the warrior class but that of priests, went down in history as one of the bravest of them all. She has inspired many songs, poems and now a move with the most courageous and talented actress of our times- Kangana Ranaut. Ill-treated by the Britishers, Manikarnika became a prominent face for the fight of Independence from The British Raj. 

In the book -History of the Indian Mutiny, 1878, Colonel Malleson acknowledges her contribution -'Whatever her faults in British eyes may have been, her countrymen will ever remember that she was driven by ill-treatment into rebellion, and that she lived and died for her country, We cannot forget her contribution for India.' 

So go watch the movie now. It might not be a masterpiece and may even leave you begging for better editing. But for bringing to this generation the reality of Manikarnika's courageous existence, is what it deserves every award for. 

   The Story-

A young girl who tames the wildest horses and plays with swords gets married to the ruler of Jhansi, India. And even before she learns the rules of the Royal Affairs, she faces one war after the other. Manikarnika looses her newborn son, her husband and her right to rule. She picks up sword against the rule of the British Empire and in the interest of her adopted son and the people of her kingdom. The movie Manikarnika showcases the battles, her courage and most importantly her strong will. 

The actress Kangana Ranaut plays the part with aplomb. The twins at KetchupMoms clapped and cheered for the Queen. And importanty came home with thousand questions about her. 

                                 Manikarnika: The Queen Of Jhansi is a movie that brings to life the fight of a Queen

    Why Kids Should Watch This Movie- 

 Women are Strong- This is one message that you take home after watching Manikarnika. Here is a Queen who refused to bow to the enemy. She lead the fight against the Britishers. Watch the scene when she ties her baby around her back and jumps off the fort, on a horse (A true event, reported in different books of that era). Manikarnika is the movie that our daughters need to take pride in and our sons need to be inspired by. 

    9 Facts About Manikarnika- The Queen of Jhansi 

1) In the British report of this battle in Jhansi, Hugh Rose, the Commander of the British Army, commented that Rani Lakshmibai is "personable, clever and beautiful" and that she is "the most dangerous of all Indian leaders".

2) She is the face of the fearless Indian Women. She was privileged to have a rare-kind of upbringing as a women back in the 18th century. She was taught horse-riding, fencing and more. Years later she would save her adopted son's life by jumping off a fort on the back of a horse.

3) She was married to the King of Jhansi, Gangadhar Rao Newalkar at a very young age and renamed Rani Lakshmibai after the Hindu Deity. 

4) She fought against the 'Doctrine of Lapse' imposed by the British Government. A law that the sly foreign rulers used to take over the Kingdoms from the queens, in the absence of any heir. Unfortunately the Queen lost her newborn son and the British Empire refused to acknowledge the rightful inheritance of their adopted son. 

           Manikarnika: The Queen Of Jhansi is a movie that brings to life the fight of a Queen

5) Grievously inured in the 1858 war, the Queen asked a hermit to burn her body before the Britishers could touch it. Although, today her tomb at the Phool Bagh are in Gwalior is a prominent attraction for tourists and historical alike.

6) In 1957, two stamps were released to honour the birth of this leader who is known to be as fierce as beautiful. As loving as sharp. As rebellious as just.

7) Subhadra Kumari Chauhan, a renowned Indian poet wrote a very popular and inspiring poem on Rani of Jhansi - Manikarnika. Here is a couplet that has won many people many awards -

"Ghayal hokar giri singhni,

use veer gati pani thi,

Bundele harbolon ke munh humne suni kahani thi,

Khoob ladi mardani woh toh Jhansi wali rani thi 

( The Queen who fought like a lioness will always be remembered for how she fought as the bravest of them all) 

    Here are some resources for your kids to discover more about this     warrior Queen:

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                                                                  Manikarnika: The Queen Of Jhansi is a movie that brings to life the fight of a Queen

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Amrit Kaur Posted on Jan 31, 2019

I already had planned to watch this movie and now this post makes me more curious to have a look at this movie super soon. \r\n


Shub Posted on Jan 31, 2019

These kind of people were there that\'s why India is what India is. Salute to the bravery of Jhansi ki rani and good that Kangana brought back the heritage that all must know.


Varsh Posted on Jan 31, 2019

Jhansi Ki Rani is the one name that\'s synonymous with bravery and courage. I haven\'t seen the movie yet but want to catch it with my kids to show them what women are capable of.


Mrinal Kiran Posted on Jan 31, 2019

Laxmi bai was the bravest of all! She will forever be remembered! This movie by Kangana seems really promising! I am definitely going to watch it!


Snigdha Prusti Posted on Jan 31, 2019

The movie is a must watch.. The story of a strong woman.. Kangna has done a great job here.. This weekend I am going to watch this..


Neha Jella Posted on Jan 31, 2019

Best film experience and incapable of distinguishing the actor from the real queen. Coming weekend I will watch this movie again. Thank you for sharing your view.


Nisha Posted on Jan 31, 2019

No wonder this movie is on every body\'s must watch list. Jhansi ki Rani was above ordinary. The bravest the courageous woman ever known to man kind. Thanks for reviewing the movie for us.


Jhilmil Posted on Jan 31, 2019

That\'s quite a strong story of a womanhood . I\'m all set to watch and experience Evey scene for myself.


Hema Posted on Jan 31, 2019

I am planning to watch the movie this weekend. It seems to be a very promising movie. Thanks for sharing this. Enjoyed reading it


Gunjan Posted on Jan 31, 2019

I have grown up hearing the war stories of Jhasi Ki Rani from my Uncle who stays there. And who can forget the poem- khum ladimardani wo to jhasi wali rani thi.. I am sure gonna catch this movie soon


Namrata Kumari Posted on Jan 31, 2019

This is a must watch movie for sure. I have watched it already and agree with your review completely.


Aishwarya R Posted on Jan 31, 2019

This seems like a great movie ! i would surely watch it now


Pallavi Watermarks Posted on Jan 31, 2019

I lover the movie and especially Kanganas acting.You have written the review very well with all the details one is looking for.\r\n\r\


Madhu Posted on Jan 31, 2019

I love watching movies with historical background, and being a huge Kangna Fan I shall surely watch this out..your review gives me more reason to do so very soon!


Purnima Posted on Jan 31, 2019

Much awaited review of Manikarnika. I really want to watch this movie and after reading your review, I can\'t resist myself. I will surely watch it this weekend.


Noor Anand Chawla Posted on Jan 30, 2019

I really want to watch this movie! Unfortunately I just have not found the time to watch it as yet, but hopefully this weekend I will be able to.


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