iSmart Next Gen, Tecnology That Makes MG Hector Every Mom's Dream Car

To choose between the desirable looks of MG Hector and iSmart Next Gen, the technology that empowers it, is impossible. Why choose though? When you can drive the best of the tech and automobile world in MG Hector, the internet car by British Automaker MG Motor (Morris Garages). What gives me a high as a Mom is also the feeling that finally, someone is going to listen up, even if not my kids! Now you know why I am eagerly awaiting its launch in June this year.

Here Are The 9 Reasons Why Every Mom Like Me, Would love To Drive iSmart Next Gen Enabled MG Hector

For Starters iSmart Next Gen has converted MG Hector into an unmatchable experience in connected mobility. What else could we expect with the best of the tech world joining hands to develop it? The partners include giants like Adobe, SAP, Cisco, Gaana, Microsoft, Airtel and more. The machine has built-in Artificial Intelligence, understands voice commands and has safety features never imagined before. Here are so many more reasons to absolutely love this technology.

Compliments Our Intelligence: A mom somehow knows what the family wants and that is what iSmart does too. The brain of the car is housed in a large head unit of 10.4", bigger than most tablets available in the market, today.
In sync with customer habits, MG has mounted the head unit vertically for ease of use. It comes with preloaded entertainment content which will be refreshed periodically 'Over The Air' (just like the update reminders you get on your smartphones). The screen has been tested for extreme climatic conditions and all vehicle functionalities can be controlled with just a touch.

Simplifies Life: I love that people think moms have 10 hands but we don't. And really all of us can do with some technology that simplifies life, like MG Hector iSmart system. It is a cloud-enabled, AI-based Voice Assistant enabling over 100 voice commands to control the vehicle.

The voice assistant built for MG India by Nuance is trained to understand Indian English and accents. So you can just command the car to open sunroof or windows, play your fav. music, call the desired number or navigate to places. All this, while you are trying to buckle up your toddler the nth time after he has unbuckled his seat. Yes, say Hello MG!

Keeps The Family Connected: MG Hector iSmart Next Gen comes with in-built connectivity solution. This helps is keeping track of the car and the family members in it. Embedded with M2M (Machine to Machine) eSIM, has the latest version of Internet Protocol and is 5 G ready. Airtel the telecom partner and Cisco have developed a system that will enable unlimited features like
-Remote Tracking & Location
-Automated Emergency Response
-Control Via Mobile App
-Over The Air Updates

                                    Here Are The 9 Reasons Why Every Mom Like Me, Would love To Drive iSmart Next Gen Enabled MG Hector

Makes Life Happy And Secure: The biggest worry of a Mom is to not be by the side of her family member when required. The iSMART puts that worry at rest with its E-CALL feature. An emergency response system, that triggers an automatic call if the airbags in the car are deployed. The exact location is messaged to a response team, which instantly tries to connect with the vehicle's head unit. In the case of no response, a call is activated to the owner's phone and finally to the alternate emergency contact provided.

Also, it respects and guards our privacy like the head of the family. Morris Garages has worked in partnership with Microsoft to ensure cyber safety of our data.

Ensures There Is Never A Dull Moment: If you love the music on the go then this internet car with its mind-blowing technology is what you are looking for. Yes, it comes preloaded with your favourite Gaana App and premium account with free music and download capability. So, sing along with your fav. family album, or just enjoy a cosy drive with a romantic background score. Or how about a 'me' time drive with just your favourite numbers? Well, I sure need that as a Mom, a lot.

Also, enjoy Concierge Service via Pulse Hub. Don't we all love that human touch when we need immediate solutions? That is what this internet car and its technology promises. Just press I-Call button and an operator will call back and solve any query that you may have, while on the road. Like where is the closest Chinese restaurant, 24x7 chemist or a babysitter? Wink. Wink.

                                     Here Are The 9 Reasons Why Every Mom Like Me, Would love To Drive iSmart Next Gen Enabled MG Hector

Keeps us on track: Imagine you have a car full of kids, and you just can't find the closest play area. Just imagine! Phew. Now imagine a navigation system that works on up-to-date maps and real-time traffic data. So you can find your destination as smoothly and quickly as possible. MG Hector iSmart comes with embedded maps and navigation solution from TomTom, the global leaders in automotive navigation. Their data is updated real-time with inputs from all the 600 million vehicles that allow them to re-map their system on a daily basis. So never get lost again.

Is Not Just A Fair Weather Friend: I am wondering if this great system would make my smartphone redundant. This new age technology has Accuweather App embedded in it. So one knows when to plan a picnic with the munchkins and when to go on a rainy drive.

Takes The Load Off Our Shoulder: Owning an MG Hector will also make one go totally mobile with the vehicle with its downloadable iSmart App for the phones. Just get the app and never worry about having left the car unlocked. Often we tend to lose our vehicles to shopping-time amnesia. Not any more, cause it will even locate the Hector. There is an impressive list of features that will take the worry out of your system-

                                                        Here Are The 9 Reasons Why Every Mom Like Me, Would love To Drive iSmart Next Gen Enabled MG Hector
-Vehicle Scanning to check pre-defined parameters
-Fuel level & Vehicle range
-Remotely operate the Climate control
-Find my car
-Set geofencing
-Security alert
-Abnormal Tyre Pressure
-Speed alert
-Create a Travel Plan & more

Maintains An Honest And A Transparent Relationship: As a mom, I like to hear the truth and deal with it upfront. The Customer Business Experience developed by SAP for MG Motor India helps you track the health of your car. So say bye-bye to dicey dealers and inflated car bills. Know when your car needs a service and exactly what does it need.

                                   Here Are The 9 Reasons Why Every Mom Like Me, Would love To Drive iSmart Next Gen Enabled MG Hector

Impressed? Well so am I, and I am waiting for the launch of MG Hector enabled with iSmart Next Gen. If not obedient kids, at least an obedient car is well deserved, I say.

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Aishwarya R Posted on May 09, 2019

This car with the iSmart Next Gen technology actually seems like one of the best things that can have for moms especially when you have kids around


High On Gloss Posted on May 09, 2019

I was there at the launch event and was really amazed that the future car is finally here. Every one would want such car.


Mandira Adhikari Posted on May 09, 2019

How come we didn\'t meet at this event? You have covered all the points really well!\r\


Aishwarya Iyengar Posted on May 08, 2019

This is some cool information. Thanks for sharing with us!


Purnima Madan Posted on May 08, 2019

What a technology, tech to make life easier and simpler. The blog has all it\'s features. Is it even launching in India?


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