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My mom never went on a holiday, not even when she was on a holiday! I remember back in the 80’s, fathers just enjoyed the company of clean, well fed and well behaved kids. Everything else was left to the mother, so where was the time to put your feet up and enjoy a drink. Oops! Women, especially moms were not supposed to drink either! Back in the 80’s that is. Now, thanks to equal parenting and a doting hands-on father, this mom loves holidays. And here is a peek into my before and after of the holidays too.

ATV ride in Hua Hin: So I visited Thailand yet again with my hubby and kids (if you follow KetchupMoms on Instagram or Twitter you may have enjoyed our picture trail and know how much fun we had). This time we visited a small town called Hua Hin and I fell in love with the dusty, bumpy ATV ride. So much so that it has crossed my mind to buy one for riding over the horrible roads in Gurgaon, India. The point is my twins loved riding through pineapple orchards with dust blowing into their face and power under their thumb. It really is an automatic scooter on three wheels. Yet riding it gave me a high, like a child riding her bicycle for the first time. Now you know why this mom loves holidays.

Thai food recipe by a wonderful mom and blogger – crazylittlefamilyadventure: I love Thailand for a good holiday. Thailand is a Mecca for food lovers, especially the meat and seafood lovers. Just follow your nose to the most awesome smelling food courts and enjoy like I did. But for those of you who cannot wait to bite into some Thai flavourful food, try making “Papaya Salad” by Orana Velarde1. It is a northeastern Thailand dish of spicy green papaya salad also known as Som Tam. It is a yummy and healthy dish prepared the mortar and pestle way. Why am I sharing this with you, well who knows you get motivated and fly to Thailand for more of it!

Hand-knitted woollen socks made by my mom: While this mom loves holidays, her mom loves to pamper her daughter, that is me. So when I returned from Thailand to the winters of New Delhi, guess what my Santa Mom gifted me? Hand kitted woollen socks complete with a thumb partition. Try finding it in any shop, online or otherwise, you might not find it. They are so cozy and comfortable that every time I work late into the night I find I need to wear them. Yes even now. And if you think I am lucky wait till you read about the handmade shawls she has knitted for her grandkids.

Grand mom’s home remedy for cold: And while we are epitomising moms how can we forget grand moms. So here is a sure shot remedy that has been handed down from grandmom to grandmom and now to this holiday-loving mom. As soon as I feel the viral germs floating anywhere near my twins and I know we are headed for a holiday, I swear by it so I don’t miss out. What is it? Well some gram flour (besan), milk, sugar and nuts. In the hills we call it “Kaaru”

Recipe for Kaaru, the perfect antidote for a cold:
Milk: 1 cup
Gramflour (besan): 1tbsp
Sugar: to taste
Nuts: 1tsp crushed nuts of your choice

Step 1: Roast gramflour in a pan, till it turns light brown
Step 2: Add sugar and milk and let it cook for 5 minutes over low flame
Step 3: Add nuts and serve hot, spoon by spoon is also a good idea.

It keeps the body warm from inside and helps children sleep well in the night. Try it and bless my ancestors.

My mother is finally on a holiday. This one is called Peak: I always suspected that a teenager lives hidden somewhere inside my mom. And since she has taken to the brilliant mind game app called ‘“Peak”, I am more than convinced of it. I am not sure if she started enjoying it on my iPad or perhaps I gifted it to her with her iPhone. But every night from 9pm she is busy making and breaking new records. She has her favourite challenges, and the good news is that these brain games may even help sharpen her memory. I think finally this grand mom loves holidays too. And those few hours every day, that’s when she has her ‘me’ time, away from responsibilities and worries. Now isn’t that what we call being on a holiday?

So Moms, as we step into a New Year, gift yourself some ‘me’ time and enjoy being the mom on a holiday!

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Viharin Nidhi KM (@Viharin_Nidhikm) Posted on Jan 05, 2016

Loved the article. Specially woolen socks section. Nobody in this world loves like a Mom. Indeed these handmade woolen socks are a treasure to cherish.

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beforbeauty Posted on Jan 04, 2016

Charu: I think I completely related to you. My mom has still not taken a holiday and just like your mom, she was the one mostly with me and my I'm glad you're changing that, and have penned down this article. Also, would love for you to a post on fixes for colds and flus if you can!

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snufflesjay Posted on Jan 04, 2016

Ahaa, a pretty informative article. In todays world I believe every mom deserves holidays! Will surely try Kaaru.

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Vikram Kamboj Posted on Jan 04, 2016

I have been to Thailand twice and it is a beautiful country with very different traditions and customs which make it even more exotic. Never been to Hua Hin. Nice insights Charu on mom’s home remedy - Kaaru!

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Ajuli Tulsyan Posted on Jan 04, 2016

Wow! Love the way you connect things and pen it down. It is so evident that you love travelling...keep exploring (places and fpod) & keep updating us ?

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Prerna Sinha Posted on Jan 04, 2016

How you have interconnected stories is just lovely. In a world where blog writing is just about anyone's forte', I love reading your posts and i think Ketchup moms is doing such a fab job.

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thatguywithstories Posted on Jan 04, 2016

Hua Hin is a good place to visit, I have been there in 2008, and we enjoyed the ocean ride on the water equivalent of an ATV.Good, that you enjoyed there

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Vishakha Talreja Posted on Jan 04, 2016

I like how you weave four-five different stories into one. Glad you love traveling and have made sure your children enjoy travel as well. The recipes are definitely handy.

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Nidhi Arora Posted on Jan 04, 2016

Such a fun read. I wasn't aware of "Hua Hin" at all in Thailand. And the Kaaru recipe looks nice. Might try soon.

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