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Our kids are the prisoners of our malpractices. There are chemicals in their food, lead in their water and smoke in their lungs. Have you felt the panic yet? Well, when I saw people running the recent Delhi Marathon with masks on their face, I did. When I saw my kids pumping antibiotics through nebuliser, I did. When I saw more cars on the roads, than stars in the sky, I did. I felt defenceless. I felt hopeless. I even felt like taking out a candle march in protest, until I realised how much smoke this fire was going to create. The concerned mother inside me, made me look up for solutions. Hope came in the form of Moonbow Air Purifier.

Will Moonbow Air Purifier instantly change the character of the air around our planet? Well, I hope it does. But I am sure that if it can provide a room full of breathable air for my kids, it would be the starting of a significant change.
Do we really need to filter the air for our kids and ourselves?

According to an article by daily mail, “Delhi’s children have the lungs of smokers.” And before you think that traffic congestion and greenhouse emission are the only fatally injurious pollutants, think again. Do you know that KetchupMoms- Air pollution, moonbow air purifier, PURI-5 TECHNOLOGY, HEPA filters, Delhi, pollution, Indiaindoor, the pollution level can be more than 10 times of the outside levels? Together, if we ban carpets, incense, cleaning agents with carcinogenic ingredients and perfumes with phthalates (Yes, phthalates are known to be endocrine disruptors and can have adverse effect on sperm counts and puberty) we can reduce indoor pollution. Till then, Moonbow Air Purifiers are your best bet.

Why Moonbow Air Purifier?

While most of the purifiers keep harping about making the air clean, Moonbow Air Purifier promises to clean the air and even breathe freshness back into it. With its revolutionizing Puri-5 technology, supported by HEPA Filters, macro pollutants the size of human air to micro pollutants of .3 micron size like metallic fumes, bacteria or smoke are filtered out of your environment. Puri-5, the 5-stage purification process makes you air filter through three types of pollutant-trapping filters, an Ultraviolet Lamp that kills 99% of germs and finally a refreshing energiser that removes odors, chemicals and bacteria. Yes, you are almost breathing air as fresh as up in the Himalayas. 

There is a Moonbow Air Purifier for every pocket and every eye.

Choose from the three stylish and equally effective Moonbow Air Purifiers and choose to breathe fresh.


We need to heal this planet, for our kids to be able to walk, drink, eat and importantly breathe freely. Saving the trees, reducing carbon footprints, organic or natural living and more use of biodegradable things are steps in the right direction. And with socially responsible and socially relevant products like Moonbow Air Purifiers we can just hope to reach a greener, cleaner and safer place, much faster. Till then breathe safe!

The writer was invited for a sneak-preview of Moonbow Air Purifier. She has been compensated for her time but the opinion is her own.

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