Indian Roads - World's Most Dangerous Adventure Park

The dictionary meaning of adventure is ‘an unusual and exciting or daring experience’.  And if you have been on Indian Roads then you know, there is no experience as daring as being on one. You are driving with the cars, trucks, rickshaws, cycles, hand-carts, tractors, cows and of course ten lanes of pedestrians. So when you hit the Indian road, buckle up for the most thrilling experience with these rides:

when you hit the Indian road, buckle up for the most thrilling experience with these rides:

Miss the cyclist: It is nerve-wrecking to have these Cyclists (mostly without any night-reflectors, bright colours etc), pop-up like jack-in-the-box almost from under the road. These jugglers can manage high-speed traffic, phone calls and even red-lights and still manage to maintain a steady speed. So the onus is on you to miss crashing into the cyclist (around everyday, road after road). And remember majority of them don't wear any helmets or other protective gears.

Guess my direction: This ride makes the most of your guessing prowess. Imagine hitting a round-about with hundreds of other vehicles. And most of them not indicating the direction they are heading in. Yes this will make you sweat profusely every 2 minutes on the Indian roads and will permanently leave you, sorry your vehicle with some scars. Add to it, the signal left and turn right population of drivers and you know you need a cup of coffee before you slam the accelerator.

Jumping jack on highway: The speed limit on expressways in India is 100kmph and for national highways it is 80kmph. Too slow, right? Precisely why we keep the dividers low enough for people to try and run across a highway. Yes the over-head bridges seem too boring and effortless to these daredevils you see. These jumping jacks could simply be crossing the road to hit their villages, or shepherding their cattle or may be they just wanted a selfie with the beautiful background on your side of the road. Now you know the true meaning of 'Speed Thrills but Kills'.

when you hit the Indian road, buckle up for the most thrilling experience with these rides:

Green is go, red is go faster: The is by far one of the most popular activity on our Indian roads. In case we miss the green light and are hitting the traffic-crossing on the orange light, we don't slam the break and wait for the next signal. Never. We slam the accelerator and just miss being hit by others by a whisker. And remember smaller the vehicle, higher the thrill level.

Snakes and lanes: Once you hit the Indian road, you will realise why we became famous as snake-charmers. Even during peak-traffic hour, Indian drivers will manoeuvre through the traffic, changing lanes faster than one changes a smart-phone now days. It's a roller-coaster ride you pray like hell to survive through.

Obstacle Cow Course: We are nationally obsessed with cows. We love milk and milk-products as a nation, some of us believe in the healing power of cow urine and others even worship them as a mother. So there are absolutely no restrictions for this VIA, Very Important Animal. If it finds the grass greener on your side of the highway, you are simply doomed. It can be sitting on the middle of the road, grazing callously while your vehicles end up in a pile-up because of the same. Needless to say it is considered a very bad omen to kill a cow in an accident. Thankfully if you were to donate a cow replica in gold or silver, your bad deed might be forgiven by the gods (so said my priest once).

My dad will bail me out: This is the most dangerous ride of them all, simply because this one runs on power and ego. Simply look out for an expensive SUV with a fancy number plate and tinted glasses (illegal in India) behaving like a rocket. These are mostly driven by the who's who and crashing or being crushed by one of them is like a meteorite hitting the earth- you being the earth in here.

Yes, I drive in India, every single day and inspite of all these thrills and chills I love it. I am as much a part and party to these road ethics in here. And so this is as true an insight on this adventure ride, as possible. Apart from this we have truly beautiful Heritage Hotels, Treks, precious travel spots and more. And of course some truly rewarding Food trails. Have fun!. 

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Sonu Posted on Feb 02, 2018



Sudhanshu Bisht Posted on Feb 02, 2018

good post


Jenn Hoogerdijk Posted on Jan 17, 2018

This sounds like a place I would never want to drive.


Salma Dinani Dewji Posted on Jan 11, 2018

I\'ve been to India once and it was definitely an experience driving on Indian roads!!


Melanie Studer Posted on Jan 10, 2018

I always thought it was yellow-faster, red-faster sounds really scary to me! We were in Morocco last summer, and there were a couple of scary roads where everyone was going in every direction. Sounds like India may be worse! Good luck surviving:)


Laura Posted on Jan 09, 2018

WOOOAAH how is that lady sitting in the window!\r\nOur taxi drivers are pretty crazy here but that window sitting has made me super anxious


Tiffany Day Posted on Jan 09, 2018

I will never complain about my bay area traffic again. I also don\'t think I can visit here in account that I have road rage and couldn\'t handle all that driving.


Erin Posted on Jan 09, 2018

LOL @ red is faster. Thanks for sharing the hilarity. I enjoyed!


Tamania Posted on Jan 09, 2018

Same story for pakistan! Hope this helps people be responsible on the road


Kayleigh Posted on Jan 09, 2018

I spent some time in Cambodia/Thailand and it was very similar to this, although I have heard India is even crazier in some regards! Kudos to you for navigating it all. Despite my nervousness about the roads I would love to visit India some day.


Meena Posted on Jan 08, 2018

So true about Indian roads.


Jayanti Posted on Jan 08, 2018

fantastic aritcle....very well said


Niyati Posted on Jan 08, 2018

Serious topic presented with a bit of humor.. Very good observations. U need special training to drive in India.. I get scared of round abouts and buses.. My driving is restricted to where I live. \r\n


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