Nirbhaya no more…

Not because I ask my office cab drivers to describe the physical assets of the last female passenger they dropped home
Not because I am happy that there is an liquor shop every half a kilometre in this country
Not because I sit with friends and count the number of bottles I need to get drunk on, before bedding the ugly, uglier and the ugliest girl in office
Not because party-drugs, rape-drugs are available at my friendly neighbourhood chemist
Not because I rate every girls’ hotness quotient on the scale of 1 to 10
Not because I think the girls who drink alcohol, wear western dresses bring it upon themselves
Not because I want my women employees to work for me all night, but then I insist I be dropped home first and expect their family to come and fetch them
Not because I settle property disputes by dishonouring my enemies’ daughters.
Not because I want a fair, slim, tall girl for marriage
Not because I say things like ‘dented and painted women’
Not because I pinch bottoms and brush against breasts everyday in the crowded buses and markets
Not because I call boys Casanova and girls a slut
Not because I don’t register your FIR’s or worse even entertain your complaints about harassment, molestations or stalking

But because this ‘I’ exists in Society, in our Neighbour’s house, in our Extended Family but it’s not me or my father or my brother or my husband or my son.

Wake up. Change the ‘I’. Change Yourself. Change your Father. Change your Brother. Change your Husband. Change your Son.

Till then Happy Courageous and Fearless Women’s Day.

Nirbhaya is the Hindi word for fearless but more importantly it is the name given by the media to the victim of the December 2012 brutal rape and murder.

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Inder Mohan Bali Posted on Mar 13, 2015

Very well written article, touching the very core of the event, the political leaders of our country need to speed up the process & not only protect women but also quickly punish the offenders of this gruesome act. We family members need to educate our children too

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P c Posted on Mar 08, 2015

Do not say Nirbhaya No More She lives in every brave girl


MR Posted on Mar 08, 2015

I strongly agree with this article.


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