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Our Weekly Planner

Organizing work is not being perfect, it’s about customizing our whole world to work for us. Hence, we decided to plan our work and then work our plan. Launching our Weekly Posts Planner from this Monday, 18th June 2018. This way we shall try to turn the “Cants” to “Can” and the “Dreams to Plan”.

So, here we go –

Motivational Mondays – Mon in French means mine and Monday means “my day”. Therefore, anything to start off the week should completely be for you and to motivate the "YOU" inside you. Our posts on Monday will have “motivation” element to persuade you to do things.

Testimonial Tuesdays - Tuesday is related to transformation day. Its not about being the best, it’s about being better than yesterday. Through Testimonials and Reviews will shall recommend few ideas and products which can bring some changes in your lifestyle and solution to some issues. This can help you to choose and plan your activities too.

Wellness Wednesdays - Wednesday is considered to be an auspicious day to start a new venture, gain new strength and new thoughts. Both physical strength and mental strength is gained only when you remain healthy. Our Wellness tips will help you towards this and therefore be ready to focus on your health and start work outs on Wednesdays. Also we shall post some healthy receipes to try at home.

Travel Thursdays – Thursday superstitiously is a great day for travelling and making travel plans. Lately Thursday is being called as “throwback Thursday” on social media sites. This is because more people post pictures from times gone by. This could be about a sad moment or happy moment. We decided to capture only the happy moments and happy moments are reaped more while travelling and meeting people. So, explore places with us and get some travel tips on thursdays. We shall  post pictures of the lovely time we had visiting places across the world and help you plan your vacation and family time.

Fashionable Fridays – Even in corporate world, we have this concept called “ Friday dressing” which means that you dress up in your casuals. Casual dressing is greatly influenced by the current fashion and therefore on Fridays we shall cover up topics related to clothing and current fashion. It is a day to focus on pleasure and party and so be ready to get “Ready” to be a cynosure.

Stories and Craft Saturdays/Sundays – Weekends are for kids and what better can be other than doing stories and craft with them. We shall post about stories and simple crafts for kids to learn and do it by themselves. This way their imagination and creativity are nurtured.

Every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day. Let’s grab that something good and make our life more merrier and stress free.

We are also sure that many of you will have loads of information to share. So, do send us your posts to ketchupmoms@gmail.com ,mentioning the category they aptly fit into and we shall review and host the same accordingly.

Together we can make this Weekly Post Planner a great success. 

Looking forward to a huge response as usual from all of you.

And if you are looking at some great summer fun, we suggest binge movie watching or crafts like:


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