6 reasons Pampers Premium Care Pants pre-launch made Indian Parents happy!

Imagine a day in your life as a parent without diapers. Don’t sue me for mental harassment though. So you are in the car, airplane, wedding, super mart or just in the coziness of your house with your munchkin sans his diaper. Did your life just come to a grinding and a rather messy halt? Honestly I know I would have not survived the first two years of my twin’s arrival-on-earth without diapers. No, not just any diapers but Pampers.

So watching Pampers Premium Care Pants being revealed at the sneak preview for media and parenting bloggers in Delhi, I honestly wished these were available in India, three years back.

KetchupMoms was happy to be invited for this grand and a very thought-through, educative and daring pre-product reveal of Pampers Premium Care Pants. Daring? Yes because you are super confident of your product to do an on-spot blind test for your product.

So here are my 6 reasons why Pampers Premium Pants pre-launch event made my day as a mother:

1) It was a research backed event with an impressive list of panelists, Popular Bollywood actress with her own parenting tv show – Tara Sharma, Child Sleep Consultant, Ajita Gopal Seethepalli & Dr. Wei Sing Long, an energetic Scientist and R&D expert from P&G. Besides, the moderator of the show was the hugely popular actress and cricket show anchor Mandira Bedi.

2) Child sleep consultant Ajita, simplified the relation between a child’s good sleep and a parent’s sanity. I could not agree more. A well-fed, clean and dry baby’s giggles are music to the ears. I remember that one time I decide to try a diaper other than Pampers. My baby’s rashes turned his bum red and me into a very unhappy, sleep-deprived, snappy mother. And if you are a new mother then rejoice, you are even getting a better Pampers-care with the new Pampers Premium Care Pants that are as soft as a mother’s touch.

3) We were a part of a live on-the-spot product-truth test. We had to touch three different diapers without knowing which one was the to-be-revealed Pampers Premium Care Pants, 94% plus guessed the right one. The qualifier was of course the #softestforbabyskin or the softest to touch factor. Your kid will actually not feel the diaper on his skin. Say bye-bye to rashes and those cruel band-marks on your baby’s waist.

4) The R&D specialist from Germany, Wei Sing did a live demo on the protective baby lotion in the Pampers Premium Care Pants that helps a baby’s skin breathe and stay healthy. Pampers Premium Care Pants come with a 5 Star skin protection promise that provides the baby with all-around softness and up to 12 hours dryness (Which does not mean that you don’t change the baby’s diaper for that long, na). In fact the panelists also demonstrated how the Pampers Premium Care Pants soak in liquid and turn it into dry and harmless gel within seconds.

5) The wetness indicator, now this one is the ‘superman’ feature of all diapers, even Pampers Premium Care Pants. Yes your nose can go on a holiday when it comes to poop-smelling or pee-check. One look at its unique colour changing band will tell you if it’s times to change. Yes, this diaper is not just easy to wear and dispose, it comes attached with Sherlock Homes. Lol.

6) It was reassuring to know that someone is busy working to make moms and parents life easy and happy. No wonder we have such amazing products to make our lives stress free. Pampers Premium Care Pants is #softestforbabyskin but you are undermining its importance if you don’t go beyond that. A baby that sleeps well – eats well, plays even better and grows like well-invested money.

Do you remember how your mother always said “The more the baby sleeps, the more she grows”. She is right. So make sure you give your baby nothing but the best, especially when it is available at a store near you – Pampers Premium Pants.

This blog post is written for the Pampers #SoftestForBabySkin activity in association with Blogadda

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