Why it is an honour being Pareen Verma’s Table Tennis Bat!

At the tender age of 10, the Indian media was using words like ‘slayer’ for Pareen. And today, at all of 17 years she has hijacked most of the walls in her parent’s home with trophies, medals, and her winning smile. Currently one of the most promising Indian table tennis players, this champion from Chandigarh is a go-getter academically too. Are you still wondering why KetchupMoms decided to sponsor this fragile-looking but swift National level player, who is always on a hunt for a win?

In India, sports as a career option is just catching up especially for non-cricketers and even more so for girls. P.T. Usha, Sania Mirza, Saina Nehwal, all have already proven their mettle and their shimmer is reflecting across thousands of girls who are driven, passionate and hungry for excellence in sports.

At KetchupMoms we are happy with this change and would love to do our bit for their ambition, and also encourage physical literacy in girls. So witnessing Pareen’s growth from a promising school-level Table Tennis player to the top state player of UT, Chandigarh, India, we decided to be the force behind her bat.

Pareen’s story: Her working parents thought it fit to introduce a 3-year old toddler to an extra-curricular activity. Her mother, a teacher herself, chose table tennis classes for Pareen. Little did she know she had armed a warrior.

A few months later, enroute to an interstate championship, little Pareen almost lost her way at the Delhi railway station. Luckily she found her entourage, and her team their Table Tennis champion. Slowly everyone including her, realised this fish was going to swim in bigger waters. Determination, practice and the support of the extended family became the ground under her feet, and thus started her journey of ping-pong success.

Her family: Born to a typical Punjabi family in Chandigarh, Pareen lives in a nuclear set up with ample members of the extended family around her. Since becoming a teenager, she has barred her family from watching her matches live. So they hear her story only upon her return with the medals in her hand. What is very heart-warming is that she shares every win with her late-grandfather’s photograph, who of course was very encouraging of her talent.

Her mother, Ms. Ritu Verma is the much needed calm strength and her father Mr. Rajesh Verma is the steel behind her determination. Ferrying her for lessons, practice matches and tournaments, the parents are leaving nothing to chance and good luck. Their belief in her talent is the punch in her game.

The journey to Gold and beyond: Pareen needs to play a number of tournaments to keep her game tough, and that keeps her away from school for long periods of time. This means extra classes in the morning, and on weekends before she can go for daily practice or out-of-town matches. Yet last year in her 10th grade, this girl was an academic topper and was featured in the media for her success. All this, while she was busy updating her Facebook status and Instagram too.

What keeps her so motivated and disciplined, we cannot say for sure, maybe family and maybe her love for the sport.

Her recent major achievements
Current State Table Tennis Champion from Chandigarh, India
Under 18 State level (Junior)- 1st
Under 21 State level (Youth)- 1st

KetchupMoms’s support-
 We want to enable Pareen to reach for her dreams. More than that we want kids and their parents to know there is a world of sports out there that is more than just time pass, a world that is worth playing and following. And yes it is time companies and sponsors think about providing the best training and equal platform to good players, irrespective of their gender and the sport.

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thatguywithstories Posted on Nov 19, 2015

I think you must use shorter posts as the attention span of most of the ppl on the net, including bloggers like me is extremely short. Charu, do you cover contact sports , as practiced, by teenage girls in your blog?If yes, please let me know thanks

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