Parenting teaches us more than what we can ever teach our kids

In the aeon of digital world, new age parents, are loaded with parenting information at every glance. As a first time mother, I was always wondering about my role as a parent: Is it just about providing good facilities to our children in all spheres of life or there is something beyond this? We, as parents, are always occupied with the thoughts of instructing our children for good and bad, societal norms, social manners, academics, so on and so forth. In this whole process, because we think we know everything, we tend to give ourselves a superior position than our child and tend to become authoritative and dominating over our child.

What if we remove ourselves from the center and keep the child at center! Our whole notion of parenting will undergo a paradigm shift. We will start looking at the world through our child’s eyes. We will gain an insight into ourselves and reflect on our own notions which have been formed on the basis of our experiences, upbringing and socio-economic culture.

Parenting is about unlearning the so-called confirmed thoughts, actions and behaviours and relearning them through the innocent heart and eyes of your child as child’s heart is totally pure and is devoid of any preconceived ideas. A child’s heart is full of enthusiasm about every little thing he sees! A child’s heart enjoys the bounties of nature, like walking on the carpet of grass, soiling their hands in soil, catching butterflies, observing the birds taking flight, imitating the actions and sounds of animals, and this is how they learn about life.

We try to teach them about one thousand things about life, but a child can teach the most important thing in life that is simplicity and innocence.

So, parenting is not just about what our children can learn from us but what we can learn from our children as well. Parenting is not just a duty but a life-long process of discovering our own inner selves. Parenting gives us chances to reflect on our own actions. Parenting is not just about us being role models all the times but our child being the role model for us well. Parenting makes us realise that behaviour needs to be modelled and not individuals.

We think only we have the capacity of moulding and shaping our child’s life. It is true to some extent that a child needs nourishment like a seed to grow into a sapling, but in this whole process are we only responsible? In this universe, what are we, a tiny speck! Do we even have control over our lives? I truly believe that nature has plans for everyone, so let your child soak their hands in the colours of nature, and nature will teach them about LIFE! 

Last but not the least, do not forget, that children our first lessons of how to love unconditionally, so let them fly with brave wings!

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Dolly Posted on Sep 26, 2017

Well said.... parenting is a full time job and patience is most important.


Vini Chhabra Posted on Sep 25, 2017

Well said, Parenting is tidious job as the life cycles are changing as the technology becomes part of life.


Rakhi Posted on Sep 25, 2017

Very nyc...this is actually very true...


Dr.monika Posted on Sep 25, 2017

Yaa true.... i agree, parents learn more from their childrens especially \"Patience\" & to be \"Happy\" in lil things in this tetchy habitat.



A mom and a dreamer. Masters in molecular biology and biotechnology with a degree in education, specialising in adolescent education. Have worked as an educationist in schools Delhi and Abu Dhabi.

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