Spotlight – Prerna the yogi, the mother and the founder of MaaOfAllBlogs

Indian mothers are changing. They are burning midnight oil for social life, writing new rules for work-life balance and growing a gym in their backyard. Precisely why in the spotlight this month we have Prerna Sinha-a marathon runner, a yogi, a mother and the founder of the inspirational blog – MaaOfAllBlogs. This mother of two, can easily pass off 20 years younger thanks to her love for all things fit. If you do not find her on the social media head for the marathon in your town. When you do, just make sure you have your best shoes on. The running shoes.

KetchupMoms (KM): Jog us through your life and current state of mind.

Prerna: I am a mommy to two boys, a full-time blogger and now an entrepreneur. So my current state of mind reflects all of this – mayhem! Life is calling and there is just too much action. All my roles are important and I don’t want to do injustice to any. So there is a constant struggle to find that perfect balance.

KM: What motivates you to get into those shoes?
Prerna: There are three things that drive me;
One the belief that running keeps me fit and toned. It works wonders for my body.
Secondly, running is all about conditioning. If I don’t run for a week at a stretch, muscles lose their memory and it gets more difficult to get back to it.
And finally, when I see women around me, my friends, getting motivated to pick up running.
That’s the ultimate aim, and I feel it is slowly trickling down.

KM: Explain your love for running marathons?
Prerna: It started out as a challenge from my hubby, when he enrolled me into one. He had run one the previous year and without much practice (though I won’t recommend it). But after having run that one, I go back and enter one every year as it’s a challenge every year.

KM: Is being active personally, a must for introducing physical activeness to your family?
Prerna: I always believe in leading by example. I took Casio lessons to motivate my son to get interested in music and he started learning soon after. Similarly, while running started as a personal goal, I think its effects are rubbing off. This anniversary, instead of going for a dinner date, my hubby asked me out for a run :). It shocked me as he is really lazy but nevertheless I enjoyed it a lot. My kids will pick it up along the way too. I strongly believe in doing my ‘Karma’ and leaving the rest to trigger on it’s own.

KM: Indian Moms are beginning to put themselves on their priority list along with their kids and family. Your take.
Prerna: That’s the thought process of my blog, to get moms to go beyond motherhood. Women are conditioned from childhood to raise a family and that becomes their prerogative. I have seen, felt, experienced the frustrations of giving up one’s ambitions, goals and dreams just to do that. I love my family and my argument is to strike a balance between the two lives. Because if you don’t, there will come a point in life when hubby will get very busy, kids will not need you and ask you for space and you will not know what to do? I have seen cases amongst close friends going through depression at this stage. So for your own sanity, never lose your individuality.

KM: How do you juggle motherhood, fitness and your lovely maaofallblogs?
Prerna: Commitment and logic! I am totally committed to the blog- MaaOfAllBlogs, my kids and my fitness. If I don’t spend time with my kids, then the decision to blog was not a right one. And If I am not fit then I will not have the energy to go through my hectic days.

KM: What do you like to do for your own happiness?
Prerna: love catching up with my friends over coffee/ movie. They are my backbone and supporters. It has reduced considerably as I am getting busier by the day, but when I feel choked, I just pick the phone and ask them to meet up. I love retail therapy and spa too :).

KM: With your busy lifestyle, what are some of the things you like to do as a family?
Prerna: Hubby travels quite often, so while I am tempted I avoid weekend events. I try and finish my weekend exercise/ run before they get up. We love to chat late on weekends and catch a movie together. Earlier we used to hit the malls every weekend but realised that this was a terrible lifestyle we were exposing the kids to, so now we take them to Marine Drive, Juhu beach etc. Plus we like to travel, so whenever we can we take a short break as those are the days we are away from work and we spend the most quality time together.

KM: So does this mother ever get tired?
Prerna: Of course, I do ???? !! And when I do, I just give up and head straight to bed and catch a nap and wake up rejuvenated.

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Heena Dhedhi Posted on Dec 25, 2015

You both ladies make me so proud....Congrats for a beautiful conversation with the Maa of All Blogs literally!

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Prerna Sinha (@maaofallblogs) Posted on Dec 25, 2015

Thank you Ketchupmoms for Featuring me here :)


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