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Real-Life Manikarnika, Sangita Marda Agarwal

“Life is about funding your own worth and not waiting for a benefactor,” says our real-life Manikarnika, Ms Sangita Marda Agarwal.

she had the courage to stand up against odds without any financial help Born, educated, and sensitized in the culturally rich city, Kolkata, Sangita was adopted by her parents when she was a few months old. Haplessly, she lost both her parents two days before her birthday, while she was still in college. In just two years’ time, her marriage was arranged with a ‘rich, good looking man’. She had a strange feeling of something being wrong somewhere. She was not prepared for this marriage at all. Howbeit, people thought it alarming that a ‘dark, short and not so good looking’ girl like her should complain about such a fantastic match.

Soon she got married. Strange but true, her intuition of something being wrong was correct. Her husband got furious over something inconsequential and raised his hand on her on the second day of their marriage. She turned numb with shock and fear. Her in-laws were of no help to her. They, in fact, screamed and complained about the lack of jewellery and car in her dowry. Torture began and every day turned into a nightmare.

Time rolled by. She thought life would change if they had children. She had two lovely daughters. Unfortunately, nothing altered. As the violence continued to increase, she seeped deeper into a shell, with nowhere to go and no one to turn to.

Though she wept in silence, a desire to give her daughters the roots to grow and wings to soar slowly fueled within her. She knew financial independence was the only path to freedom and dignity. Sensing her plight, her sister-in-law introduced her to a part-time opportunity in direct sales. The work was tough where commissions depended purely on the sales she could make. However, her resolve was strong, so she decided to give it a try. She joined the educational wing of Times Warner group, Time Life as a sales consultant.

            she had the courage to stand up against odds without any financial help She would

She would drop off the girls at their play school and in the interim time she knocked on people’s doors making cold calls to sell children’s books. It was not easy, but she drew inspiration from the motivation sessions at work and constantly nurtured herself to a belief that no work was big or small.

One day after eight years of suffering acute domestic violence she gathered the courage to speak out to a few friends and family about the abuse in her married life. Some sympathized, some disbelieved, some turned aloof, and some dissuaded her to not even think about leaving a rich man’s home. She was thirty by then, with two daughters and a long-life journey ahead. She had two choices with her :

"To continue to suffer in the hope that one day her girls would inherit their father’s wealth.

Or, to gather the courage to walk out penniless but build a life for her daughters and self."

Determined to see the pride in her children’s eyes – one morning when her husband left for work, she packed her books and clothes, called a cab, and walked out.

Life is never easy for a single parent. It’s worse when you are financially on your own. Hardships came in multi-folds, but she toiled to shoo them away. She took her door to door sales job seriously. It was extremely tough hanging in overcrowded buses and trams and traverse across the city to make sales presentations. But the sheer joy of being able to earn and send her daughters to one of the best schools in the city made up for it all. The girls never complained or demanded anything material from her. (A trait they continue till date) They managed their studies, on days even washed and ironed their clothes themselves. They had very little but were content. 

she had the courage to stand up against odds without any financial help It is rightly said that success in life comes when you simply refuse to give up and when you are determined, the obstacles, difficulties and pain will only act as motivation. This is what turned out to be for Sangita. Slowly success, promotions and awards followed at work.

From a sales consultant, she graduated to be a Team Leader, then to a Team Manager, Branch Manager and Area Manager in a span of 4 years. During this tenure, she qualified for every international conference and won several leadership awards.

Joy outpoured in her when she made the down payment for her first car and when she brought back a bag full of gifts for friends and family from her first overseas trip. Snide remarks from society turned into admiration. Women now saw in her an example to emulate – for she had the courage to stand up against odds without any financial help at all.

In the due course of time, she trained almost a thousand women. She was more than a trainer or a manager to most of them. She was their mentor, friend, and guide, encouraging them to believe in themselves and take charge of their life instead of being a silent victim to circumstances.

During these topsy-turvy times, she met Pawan. (she still believes that he is an angel in disguise whom her parents in heaven had sent) Her daughters had never known that a man could be gentle or caring until they met Pawan. As they came closer, the girls saw in him a father they never had, a man who made their mother smile. Pawan decided to marry Sangita and it was not an easy marriage for he was a bachelor marrying a divorcee with two children. But Pawan stood like the rock of Gibraltar braving the society and world for them.

One day he suffered ischemia and was detected with rheumatoid arthritis. Acute joint pain made him almost immobile. The responsibility of the household came once again on Sangita. People were quick and cruel in their judgment, but she allowed nothing to dampen her spirit.

she had the courage to stand up against odds without any financial help Sangita says “Adversity has always been my motivation to succeed”. Life threw at her another opportunity, but it required her migrating to a new city, into a new organization, an industry with a product line she knew little or nothing about. It was tough to start afresh in a new city. Her personal mid-life health issues made things even worse. Yet she believed that Life is as beautiful as you make it and gladly accepted the new challenge.

Currently, she is one of the directors of Vibrant Holiday Destinations, Mumbai. Today her work makes her travel and network with amazing people worldwide. Both the girls are growing into independent young adults. She reads books, watches theatre, goes for long walks and writes when in leisure. Her husband is her best friend and she looks at everything with positivity and gratitude.

She is ever hopeful that "In the end, everything works out if we believe it will". 

 I am sure all of us get charged up to face any kind of problems in life when we read about such brave women. Pour in your thoughts and views and do share with us if you have come across such real-life Manikarnika.

Watch out for our next edition. Till then,


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Moumita Sen Posted on Feb 12, 2019

Real life Manikarnikas are the true heroines of life. She deserves a salute for her everyday struggles.


Mandira Adhikari Posted on Feb 12, 2019

Hats off to single moms! They are the true epitome of strength. Excellent story this is.\r\


Pooja Posted on Feb 12, 2019

So this is the story that can inspire and institute life in the person who has decided to give up. She is a great human being and great mother. I am glad that I came across this post. Keep it up!!


Madhu Posted on Feb 08, 2019

The story of sangita is indeed a great one...all of us should get up, show up and be brave...Loved the way she has stood for herself.

  Reply   View Reply

Sapna Posted on Feb 07, 2019

wow..such an inspiration!!!.love reading it\r\n\r\

  Reply   View Reply

Pallavi Watermarks Posted on Feb 07, 2019

She is a woman of substance,the way she has bounced back ,it seriously commendable.I wish we all have courage to fight back any such situation.

  Reply   View Reply

Purnima Posted on Feb 07, 2019

A big salute to Sangita. I truly love her gratitude nature. We should always be like \"get up dress up show up\" I too believe in gratitude :)

  Reply   View Reply

Mrinal Kiran Posted on Feb 05, 2019

Okay, honestly I am crying... There is so much going on at home... My parents are in so much health and financial trouble and it was all so overwhelming... But reading this gave me a strength that no matter what, where there is a will, there is a way!

  Reply   View Reply

Rainbowdiaries Singapore Posted on Feb 05, 2019

Women are so strong that they probably don’t even know themselves. This story is so inspiring and many should take a cue from it.

  Reply   View Reply

Jhimil D Saha Posted on Feb 05, 2019

such an inspiring motivational story, a true hero. she is the greatest example of courage and faith. No one can pull us down if we believe ourselves\r\n

  Reply   View Reply

Jhilmil D Saha Posted on Feb 05, 2019

Such an inspiring story, we all need to have courage and faith in ourselves. NO one has the right to pull us down. She\'s a real-life hero.


Khushboo Posted on Feb 05, 2019

That\'s a amazing and inspirational story. hats off to her. Sangita Marda is a inspiration to many of us. Loved reading her journey.

  Reply   View Reply

Jiya Posted on Feb 05, 2019

Sangita is a true inspiration. She fought her battle so well that she not only achieved success however she got peace in life. That is more important today.

  Reply   View Reply

Hema Gayatri Posted on Feb 05, 2019

A big salute to this wonderful person. She is such an inspiration I must say. There are many champions and fighters around us who have struggled a lot and became a role model. Thank you so much for sharing this.

  Reply   View Reply

Rituka Bisht Posted on Feb 05, 2019

Well I got Tears in my eyes literally this is a real inspirational story it\'s actually very easy to sit and watch then getting up and finding solutions for the situation hats off to the lady thanks for this post

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Gurjeet Chhabra Posted on Feb 05, 2019

soo inspiration and motivation story, fighting with all odds and live life on own terms. Really salute to the lady

  Reply   View Reply

Neha Jella Posted on Feb 05, 2019

Amazing article. It feels motivated and I inspire a lot after reading the article. Well said Sangita, \"In the end, everything works out if we believe it will\". Thank you so much for sharing such an inspirational story.

  Reply   View Reply

Jhilmil Posted on Feb 05, 2019

Amazed to read her story, she is no less than an inspiration for women who succeed to live a life full of dignity , even after that turbulence in her life. This story needs to be shared more and more.

  Reply   View Reply

Nisha Posted on Feb 05, 2019

Wow such an amazing and inspiring personality she is. It takes a lot of courage to fight against all the odds and rise like a star. Thanks for sharing her story with us.

  Reply   View Reply

Gunjan Posted on Feb 05, 2019

This is so inspirational, rightly said everything works out if you have a will, you will definitely find a way. She is really a tough girl and worth all the praise, Lots of love and hugs.

  Reply   View Reply

Priyanka Patwari Posted on Feb 05, 2019

Salute this amazing personality... She is really an inspiraton to all of us.. Its true that A woman is like a tea bag – you never know how strong she is until she gets in hot water

  Reply   View Reply

Snigdha Prusti Posted on Feb 05, 2019

This is a true inspiration for all of us.. I haven\'t seen the movie yet but Sangita Marda Agarwal seems like a great lady..

  Reply   View Reply

Stuti Sharma Posted on Feb 05, 2019

Such an inspirational story.. There are umpteenth manikarnas around us who are champions.. Hail such women who rise against all odds and become role models for the community at large!

  Reply   View Reply

Shweta Mishra Posted on Feb 04, 2019

Wooow this is really amazing and \r\nI feel touched. I personally believes that woman\'s are really soldier of their life and they fight till the last breath for family baby, husband,mom ,dad.\r\n

  Reply   View Reply

Noor Anand Chawla Posted on Feb 04, 2019

This lady is truly an inspiration for all of us. Thank you so much for sharing her wonderful story with your readers.

  Reply   View Reply

Varsh Posted on Feb 04, 2019

That is such an inspirational story! We need to celebrate women like Sangita for being a force to reckon with even when their personal lives were in shambles. Hats off to her!

  Reply   View Reply

Mayuri Nidigallu Posted on Feb 04, 2019

This is truly a remarkable story of courage and a never say die attitude! Sangita Marda has shown us that you can start with nothing but hope and faith and get everything you\'ve wished for. Kudos to her!

  Reply   View Reply

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