Masha and the Bear- what do I think of my kids’ favourite show

Animation Series: Masha And The Bear

Creator: Oleg Kuzovkov
Producer: Animaccord Animation Studio
KetchupMoms Rating: *****

Is it fun? I almost had second thoughts about my friendship with my best buddy of 15 years, Sabeen, because she did not approve of Tom and Jerry. You know what I mean! I mean who does not like the little rat taking on the big mighty cat? History stands witness to the innumerable times we watched and re-watched them on video players (Yes, their VHS made for the best Birthday Gifts back in the 80’s), time and again.

So when I heard my twins yell ‘Mishka, Mushka Mickey Mouse’, I knew they had found their Tom and Jerry. I was wrong. The Russian invasion ‘Маша и Медведь’ or ‘Masha and the Bear’ also know as ‘Mawa Kawa’ switched even the loyal Tom and Jerry fan inside me.

The Plot: Masha and The Bear, is a Russian Children’s Animated Series. It was a chance discovery by my Youtube crazy double-troubles, and I love them for it. Although it was aired for the first time as recently as January 2009, you have to watch the numbers to believe their fan following. Almost 2 million people per episode. And Justifiably so.

The typically 7-minute episodes centre around Masha the happy, mischievous, sharp, determined girl and her softy of a friend, Bear, a former circus performer. Masha is the Goldilocks who is not afraid of the Bear. She is the Red Riding Hood who the wolves are scared of. She is the little Mary who’s lamb, dog, goat and even pig run away from her, unable to handle her enthusiasm.

The Bear has a mother’s soul, her anguish, her helplessness, her tiredness and even the unending love. Together they melt your heart, paint your face with laughter lines and make you comeback and watch them again and again and again.

Trivia: Although it is a Russian Animation, It is now also available in English at

Watch the first episode to learn how they met. You could also log in and play some fun interactive games and listen to the songs from different episodes.

But if you are game, watch and enjoy Masha and the Bear in the Russian Language. Here are my top two favourite episodes. Watch and get ‘mashed’!! Remember, this is not Handy Mandy that will teach your kids about Tools. This is not even Dora that will turn your kids into an Explorer. This is a plain simple story. Just the kind of stories you enjoyed as a child.

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Hayley Posted on May 17, 2017

Just want to mention that Bear is a he! Love the show :)

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Angel Posted on Apr 24, 2017

I have to disagree. My 3 year old toddler loves It. But when my older daughter and her cousins watch they encourage me to stop my daughter from watching it. What they tell me is that Masha has influenced my 3 year to act rude and disrespectful. When I watch I completely agree. Watch all the episodes, am I the only one realizing Masha' s bad behavior? Be careful Masha may be influencing your children too.

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sharvari Posted on Apr 01, 2015

Even my 3 year daughter loves it. She loves more than any of the cartoons or nursery songs. She is addicted.

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Sheetal Posted on Feb 26, 2015

Both my toddlers love this one. They discovered through their iPads playlist after getting bored watching same nursary rhymes. I loved their porridge episode. Have u guys introduced sesame street or other fun stuffs to your kids digital love. Looking for something super fun for mine ??

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Sumeet Posted on Feb 25, 2015

My kids love this show


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