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Rice Kheer Recipe for Diwali Pooja

Rice Kheer recipe for Diwali Pooja!! Why not, after all we are celebrating Diwali with full fervour at KetchupMoms. Learn about five uniquely simple things to do with your kids this Diwali with us. Or get innovative with your Diwali gifts with our simple tips. Or enjoy a simple DIY Lord Ganesha Craft . Or simply follow are tried and tested recipe for that awesome Rice Kheer - which makes for a healthy dessert for your kids too. 

So here I am sharing with you my family’s fav. Kheer Recipe: 

Rice Kheer Recipe, Indian dessert, Indian recipe, Diwali recipe

1 1/2 litre Milk
1 tablespoon rice
400gms Nestle milkmaid ( condensed milk )

2 pods of cardamom 

Pinch of Saffron
Chopped cashew nuts and raisins

Simple steps to follow: 

Step 1- In a thick bottomed pan, cook the rice and milk together, on low flame.
Step 2- Add cardamom and keep stirring regularly, till the rice is perfectly cooked and milk has reduced to almost half.
Step 3- Add the condensed milk and cook for 10 more minutes. Add saffron and cook for another 2 minutes.
Step 4- Let the Kheer cool down and add the dry fruits, keep some for the garnish. 

 Serve to the almighty God first and then distribute it as prasad to the entire family.

Happy Safe and Delicious Diwali

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Ranaut Posted on Oct 25, 2017

Mouth watering Yummy Kheer


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