Gift your family a safe-food Diwali

My Diwali celebrations end and start in my kitchen. And I know it does for most of you lovely mothers and caring grandmothers. This when our family members are being enticed by that kiwi barfi, kalakand donuts and whatever else the marketers can arm themselves with. This is also the time when adulterated food finds its way into our supermarket, our kitchens and finally our stomachs. Every year, lakhs and lakhs rupees worth of adulterated milk, butter, ghee, khoya (reduced milk), paneer is discovered in raids across the country. So what can we do to celebrate a safe-food Diwali?

Well some simple steps could make it better I guess.

1) Stick to your regular and trusted brands: This is not the time to test and taste a new brand of food that has just sprouted in super marts and is sure to vanish post that. These food brands which are mostly a poor imitation of a known brand in terms of design, name and even taste can be spurious and dangerous. Especially when it comes to milk and milk products. So stay loyal!

2) Don’t fall for the buy one get one free: You are not the only one in a rush, the shopkeeper is in a tearing hurry to dispose of some of his lesser quality products and some beyond-expiry products. So check the manufacturing dates with eagle eyes. Pay extra attention to the freebies or the bad chips, juices and cookies will be slyly packed into attractive looking hampers.

3) Let your favourite brands also pass the acid test: If you feel anything amiss with your favourite milk packets, ghee containers or paneer pouches may we suggest these in-home simple adulteration check. A simple way to ensure you enjoy a safe-food Diwali .

Milk: Do the “running” test. Squeeze a drop of milk on a straight surface. Adulterated milk will run into a direction and leave a white mark behind.

Ghee/Butter: Take 1tsp of ghee or butter in a container and heat it up. Take a small amount of sugar and dissolve it in 10 ml of hydrochloric acid (Hcl). Now, add the solution to the heated butter or ghee. Trace of red colour confirms adulteration.
To learn more about adulterants and ways to find them visit nutrition quotient

4) Avoid gifting perishable items: With everyone gifting eatables, go for something different. If you have to have to gift eatables, avoid Indian sweets that have a short shelf life of 2 days-1 week. Instead go for sweets, juices or milk with a longer shelf life for a safe-food Diwali. Yes, Tetra Pak milk cartons of your favourite brand can make for a healthy, safe and unique gift. Also if the delighted receiver loves to cook, you would have supplied great ingredients for a festive feast.

5) Prepare at home: This could be asking for too much during the busiest season of the year. But it could be a great safe-food Diwali gift for your family. How about Eggless Chocolate Fudge Cake, or unadulterated, home-made, delicious and cooked with much love caramelized ulta halwa.

We mothers would give anything to keep our family happy and in a festive spirit all through their lives. Guess in these times of rampant adulteration we need to protect their happiness with our smarts too! So ladies, if there is anything that fails your ultimate quality test – The Mother-Satisfaction test, avoid it and be happy.

Happy unadulterated Diwali. Happy Safe-Food Diwali.

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Helen @ Peakle Pie Posted on Nov 13, 2015

What an interesting post. with some great top tips too!

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