Usafe Way of selling fiuel

Sale of fuel in plastic bottles

It’s not an uncommon sight, even at some premium retail gas stations, to sell petroleum in plastic bottles when a customer asks for. It could be a cab or auto driver, or a two-wheeler /car owner. People buy petrol in used soft drink or water bottles to use it in emergency. This, we find, is a quick-fix solution. But is this safe? Are we not putting ourselves and others in danger when we buy petroleum in plastic bottles or even witness people doing it; but do not question!!

Unsafe Way of selling petrol: KetchupMomsAnother common sight in India is the sale of petrol by a wayside vendor or a puncture-shop. We protest and strike if petrol is variably priced, is taxed or even if half a rupee is increased. But we don’t mind paying Rs 100/- for a litre to a wayside vendor who sells petrol in plastic container. Are the wayside vendors licensed resellers? Is the fuel pilfered or adulterated? Does he pay tax? Does he even know that what he is doing is illegal and unsafe?

As citizens of India, we try to break most of the rules rather than following it. But the same Indians, follow all the rules when they are in a foreign country. This is mainly because we fear the consequences when we break rules in a foreign country. If we follow the same in our nation, we could stop such illegal activities done on a regular basis for our convenience.

Let’s look at the reasons why we aren’t allowed to fill fuel in plastic bottles-
(Source: Quora – explained by a former Sales Executive at premium petroleum Company)
1. Explosive licence limitation: Petrol Pumps in India are administered by PESO (Petroleum and Explosive Safety Organization) which forms all the Petroleum Rules. As per section 8 of Petroleum Rules 2002, you can carry petrol up to 1 litres in glassware or stone ware bottle or up to 25 litres in metal cans from a petrol pump without any licence. But you can’t use plastic bottle for the same.
2. Plastic dissolves in Petrol: The mineral water bottles are made up of PET (polyethylene terephthalate) and pet dissolves in petrol. So while storing petrol in PET bottles the plastic may dissolve and will leak creating a dangerous situation.
3. Unsocial Elements of the society: The unsocial elements use petrol to make petrol bombs, burn bikes, cars, buses with petrol and create nuisance so to keep a check on these activities petrol is not given in plastic bottles.
4. Static Charge: Flowing fluid creates static charge and in plastic bottles the charge keeps on accumulating. Now, if the bottle comes in certain distance of a conductor or conducting environment, thermal discharge occurs and if oxygen rich air is available then the petrol catches fire. Now this is the most dangerous situation as you will not even know and the petrol would have ignited itself.

Petrol Sale: Legal or illegal?In many states, the concerned authorities are keeping a check about this and are strictly monitoring to avoid such practises. But, is it only the responsibility of the Ministries, retail outlets or the sales person? Are we not equally responsible for such instances to still continue? We create a need and find ways to fulfil it instead of abiding by the safety rules. We stop ourselves from reacting when we see someone doing the same because we always feel we don’t have the time nor it is our duty to educate them.
As a responsible citizen let us stop buying/selling petroleum products in unsafe containers. We can complain to the retail outlet Mangers if we witness the staff break the rules. As we are gearing up to celebrate another Independence day, can we take an oath to be truthful to ourselves and the nation by abiding the rules?!

"Into ever-widening thought and action, Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake" Rabindranath Tagore.

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