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Travel The World With Scotty's Wanderquest Japan And Egypt Activity Box

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Scotty's WanderQuest Box was a chance of discovery. Ever since the twins are always ready with their passport and a hungry mind. Yes, this activity box is every mom's best-friend. It enriches her kid's mind and engages it with knowledge, activities, Diy crafts and much more. The current favourites at our house are Japan and the Egypt Travel Box. And if you are following my posts, you know my kids love to travel- Singapore, America, Thailand and more.
Why do we like Scotty's Wanderquest Japan and Egypt Travel Box? Read on.


   Egypt Travel Box- This was the first activity box that the kids explored.

   Here Are The 5 Reasons Why They Loved The Box-

1) The personalised passport, the make-believe visa and the boarding pass was a thrilling start.

2) The Book helped the kids discover so much about Egypt- map, culture, customs and interesting facts. Sample this, in ancient Egypt people preferred wigs to natural hair. All for keeping the lice away.


3) The Jokes- well the kids love to crack the mummy jokes and feel like the humour kings and queens now.
Read this -
Why was the Egyptian confused?
Because his Daddy was a Mummy!

4) The Maths Puzzle; There are so many activities in this box -colouring pages, games, treasure hunts and puzzles. My daughter loved the Maths Pyramid. Watch her solve it in the video below. Who thought addition could be so much fun.

5) The DIY Pharaoh's Headdress Craft- My son loved making this one on his own. He simply had to follow the instructions in the activity kit. Watch him make it and wear it proudly in the video below.

The kids loved this box and that led us to the second box - The Wanderquest Japan Edition.

   Here Are The 5 Reasons Why Kids Absolutely Loved The Japan Travel Box-

1) The DIY Volcano Kit - The Japan Box was a treat with Origami craft and other activities. The most electrifying of course was the fact that the kids finally got to make a volcano erupt, on their own. Everything needed for the same came with the box- baking powder, empty bottle, acid and more. You can watch the same in the video below.

2) Sudoku- I am personally a big fan of the game and an advanced Sudoku challenge book sits pretty in my library. My daughter is fast decoding the success of filling in the numbers quickly. And finding Sudoku in this box was simply awesome for her.


3) Fascinating Japan- Well the kids learned so much about Japan. The capital, the square-shaped watermelons, the fastest trains, the sumos and Ninjas. Facts about the highest peaks, national costumes, active volcanoes and so much more.

4) Origami Bookmarkers- Origami or the art of making things with simple folds in paper always is fascinating. We have tried making the peace crane before and loved it. Following the instructions to make monster bookmarks was what made this box an engaging success.

5) Learning Japanese words like Konichiva for greeting and Sayonara for goodbye was again good learning for the twins.

Honestly, I could go on and on about what an absolute educational delight Scotty's Wanderquest Boxes are. But then the third box is waiting to open up another country for the kids. So ciao from us. Don't forget to subscribe to our youtube channel Ketchpmoms for more fun reviews, tips and more.

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Comments (12)

Purnima Posted on Mar 25, 2019

Wow, that\'s a great way to educate kids. Also, we can gift these travel boxes to children. And it must be the best gift your kids had got. \r\n


Mandira Adhikari Posted on Mar 25, 2019

Japan! How fascinating! No wonder this box is such a big hit with the kids!\r\


Pallavi Watermarks Posted on Mar 24, 2019

I\'m sure your kids had fun doing the activity and they look great in the video.I will check the subscription details for my kid.


Nisha Posted on Mar 24, 2019

Wow this is super cool. How much the kids would love this activity box. It\'s a sure shot beautiful way to introduce the world to kids.


Madhu Posted on Mar 23, 2019

Hey, I have never heard or seen any thing like this for kids before...this sounds so interesting for kids...I am surely gonna buy this for my knephew. .great review!


Nisha Posted on Mar 19, 2019

I have come across some craft subscriptions for my kid and I find the idea very handy to keep him entertained and engaged in a good way.


Preetjyot Kaur Posted on Mar 19, 2019

Woah! This activity box looks quite engaging. I\'m definitely getting this for my girls. What a wonderful way to learn about various countries.


Prerna Sinha Posted on Mar 19, 2019

The activity box looks fun and interesting. This way kids will learn so many things and also grow. Definitely going to check this activity box


Neha Jella Posted on Mar 19, 2019

Scotty\'s Wanderquest activity box looks amazing. This is the best way for kids to explore more about Egypt and Japan. I will buy both these box for my nephew I hope he will love it.


Gunjan Posted on Mar 19, 2019

This sounds like a fun way tohelp kids learn and explore the world. All the activities look like fun yet full of learning. Really looking forward to try to out this box with my kid


Purva Bhatia Posted on Mar 19, 2019

Hey that\'s really interesting! It combines so many things into one. What a brilliant way to expand a kid\'s knowledge.


Noor Anand Chawla Posted on Mar 18, 2019

This is a truly unique way to open up the treasures of the world to your children. I will check out this subscription box for my son too.


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