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Seeking true freedom

Dear Mother land

I seek freedom from the neighbourhood loudspeaker which has been blaring Bollywood songs since early morning in complete disregard to senior Mr Tambe’s ailing heart condition, who lives on the floor above us.

I seek freedom from the one million broadcasted forwards on my phone every day. At least the national flag Gifs and YouTube links of songs of freedom are a change from the unsolicited gyaan that flows in every single day.

I seek freedom from the fake patriotism. i seek freedom from condensing patriotism for one day. I definitely seek freedom from the countless discount offers from various online stores and bric n mortar establishments and shops and malls and weight loss clinics which are flooding my phone and occupying majority of space in newspapers, trying to lure me to shop, in the name of celebrating the independence.

Leave me alone. It’s our country’s Independence Day not the national Mall or shopping day ! 

I just want to be quiet, on my own and internalise the true meaning of this Freedom which we so carelessly abuse .

I seek freedom from pollution, child labour, women insecurity, corruption, adulteration and illiteracy 

I seek freedom from the fake patriotism. i seek freedom from condensing patriotism for one day.

We didn’t fight for it ( at least no body living that I know of) . We were lucky to born in an independent India. We were gifted this ( at least some of us) as a birth right and privilege.

Let us value its sanctity.

Jai Hind

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