Making relationships smile with McCain!

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It was 5. p.m. in the evening and my daughter seemed in no hurry to jump into her shoes and slide down the stairs to her best friend’s room. They were on a Katti-Batti over some small little matter, I realised! She pretended to be far too busy dressing up her doll to keep track of time. “What a poor actress”, I thought to myself. I was sure her anger would not last more than 15 more minutes and she would run down for her daily fruit-date with her bestie. Then she got up, wore her shoes and … well, just went into the kitchen to look for some food.

Hmm, I was not going to push her. She needed to learn to forgive and forget and move on. So assuming she was hungry (the missing-my-friend hungry), I pulled out her favourite and quick snacks ‘Mccains’ from the freezer. She sat next to me on her kitchen stool, looking at the bamboo plant on the window sill, obviously missing her buddy. Just to let you in, my daughter and her best friend, both love gardening.

With the fragrance of her smileys being fried hitting the air, I saw her perk up. Caressing her curly locks with one hand, she reached out for the smiley with the other. And stopped. Yes, you got it, they both love potatoes and every way you can eat them.

Voila! I knew how to bridge the gap between these two, without interfering. I pulled out the Mccain french fries and cheese poppers (find more on and fried them crispy golden. I went on to make her smiley stick figure on the plate, instantly my daughter joined in.

So we added some coriander leaves for a skirt, a saucy red smile, Cheese curls on the head and an eatable butterfly. And then in her excitement she added a tall smiley stick figure, holding her hand.


I asked her if that was me. She looked up with a soft smile. Then made three flowers next to the elder figure and said “Grandmom, my best-friend in the world”.

Before I could react, she had sprinted down the staircase to her grandparents house with her Mccain art. I caught the buddies sitting in the garden and gobbling down the yummy Mccain snacks. Think I heard them arguing over the size of the butterfly on the plate or something, “there they start again”, I thought. It was heart warming to see my daughter and her best friend, her grandmother, both sitting there with their curly, wavy hair, holding hands and smiling.

They both were back together and in full festive mood. Above, is their combined creativity, a cute little Mccain smiley Ravana, that they demolished bite by bite, smile by smile.

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