DIY bird-house with recycled materials

Summer time is all about spending time with family, doing Summer activities that are fun, refreshing and new. We may explore a new water-park, experience a new country and culture or just go outdoors and be one with nature. I love doing all these and more with my twins. But being on a picnic can also mean taking your own food and drinks. And on one such outing, my twin refused to throw the Tetra Pak Juice carton in the dustbin. He wanted to turn it into a garage for his dinky car. And he did.

Three, at that time, he was too young to understand that a Tetra Pak carton would indeed make a great shelter because it is waterproof. Are you surprised? I was too.  With it’s six layer packaging, Tetra Pak protects our food and drinks from air, sunlight and any other contamination (Google it). It is completely recyclable and can even make great eco-friendly bird-house.

So let’s go green with Tetra Pak Recycling and celebrate World Environment Day this week. Make a bird-house for your garden.

You can log on to KetchupMoms Youtube channel for a video demonstration of the same.

Age: 8+
You will need: Empty Tetra Pak cartons (13-14), scissors, tape

1. Take empty Tetra Pak Cartons and cut them open and lay them flat.


2. Glue two of the flattened cartons together to make the structure stronger. You can stick them together with tape.


3. Now place two cartons flat side-by-side and tape them together firmly to make the base of the house. Place four flat cartons on this base as walls to the house and then stick these together, one by one.


4. Place one wall on the base sheet and glue it well. Turn it around and make two more walls. Seal the edges with tape so there is no place for water to seep in.


5. Now cover the structure with flat cartons. Make sure you fold the carton at the edges to give a double layering at the ends to ensure water-proofing. Place one more carton to cover the entire box.


6. For the front of the bird house take a single flat Tetra Pak, and cut a hole in it. Smaller one for a bird. You can also make this for your kitten or your puppy. All you need to do is increase the size of the doorway.


7. Your water-proof Tetra Pak Bird House is ready. Place it in your balcony or simply fit it on a branch of a tree. When you hear the birds chirping closer home, you can be sure they are thanking you.

Handy Tips: Rinse all the recycled cartons out and let them dry. I used empty milk cartons because of the size of the bird house, if you’re making something smaller then go with the smaller juice boxes.

Benefits: Look around, the trees are dwindling and the birds are literally entering our homes for shelter. This activity is a perfect way to talk to kids about the Earth and the impact of recycling on our planet. It also teaches kids that they have a responsibility towards birds and animals too and the importance of kindness to our fellow animals. This environment friendly craft of making something so useful from used materials teaches our kids about creativity, potential and the power of ideas. Developing motor-skills like hand-eye coordination is another positive side effect.

Check back with KetchupMoms for more exciting ideas.

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