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It’s a fascinating world out there. No, not at the other side of the planet but right here in your backyard and even inside the walls of your house. Yes, when they said walls have ears, they were talking about ‘Ants’. That insignificant being that lines up every time you leave sugar uncovered.

Interestingly, ants can lift 50 times more than their own weight. They live in a colony and are ruled by a Queen ant, just like honeybees. Worker ants make sure their security and food is of royal standards. And they are super aggressive, even known to enslave ants from other colonies. So on a bright sunny day, my kids and I decided to be the annoying neighbours and snoop on their activities. Let me tell you, it has so far been one of the highlights of our summer vacation.


Age: 3+
You will need:
Small particles of food/sugar granules
A microscope
Tons of patience

Step 1: Leave some food in the corner of your lawn and wait for them to come.

Step 2: Watch the ants get together for the party, observe which one looks promisingly interesting and keep your eye on it.

We found this really hardworking ant that took fancy to a sugar granule. It was almost successful in moving it, but failed to carry one home. Undeterred, it stayed back to collect as much food as it could. I even think it sent some kind of signal to the others, because its friends joined in and as they say ‘sharing is caring’.



Step 3: If you do find an ant carrying something home, don’t waste time taking a selfie with it. You will need a lot of precision. Just take a pic of the ant, and feel proud for it.

Step 4: Take this opportunity to help kids understand size and proportion. How small an ant is compared to wheat grains or sugar granules. How a small leaf for us is perhaps a big tree for the ant. See their imagination take wings.


Step 5: Look out for surprises.

I almost thought I saw an ant taking an insect home as food. Surprise! Surprise! It was the poor ant that was being carried off by an insect, half its size. The ant even tried one last time to grab onto something before it was dragged right into the hunter’s den.



Benefits: Observation and patience are the two things kids will surely take home. And the understanding of co-existence with other living beings on this planet is a crucial lesson. My kids were very unhappy to see the ant being dragged off and they remarked “her mummy will be so sad”. Empathy, yes they learnt that.

If you found this interesting then gather your patience and have fun.

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Bertha Posted on Jul 21, 2018

This is cryatsl clear. Thanks for taking the time!


Rosa Posted on Jul 21, 2018

I love reading these articles because they\'re short but infetmarivo.


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