Jump Frog-play a fun and easy indoor game this summer

As part of our fun kid series, allow me to present a very colourful game. One that will keep your kids occupied for an entire day and for weeks to come – Jump Frog.

Jump Frog: A simple game where you draw and paint frogs, leaves and lotus flowers. Then stick them to the floor at a distance which is challenging for the kids to cover in one jump. The catch is that if you jump on the frog, you are out.

Age: 3 + (with active support from parents) or 8+

You will need:
Chart Paper-2
Water Colours: Green, Pink (make with red and white)
Paint brush-one thick and one thin
Double-sided tape
Open space

Step 1:
Draw a simple frog face x 2, on the chart paper (at least 1/4 size of the chart paper, enough to accommodate one foot)

Step 2:
Draw a leaf and a Lotus flower x 2.
Step 3:
Cut these and paint them. Make sure you paint the frog face and the leaf the same shade of green. It helps to confuse the player when trying to avoid stepping on the frog.

 sonu image

Step 4:
Paste these on the floor now. Decide the distance between each and keep it challenging.
Step 5:
The players now need to jump across these as fast as they can. If they land on the frog they are out.
This game is meant to develop balance and coordination. It also tests your mental and physical agility simultaneously.

‘Raise the Bar’ challenge:
Increase the number of frogs. This means more danger and more fun.
Leave the frogs and flowers on the ground and later you can play ‘Musical Pond’, a twist on the classic ‘Musical Chairs’. Run around the lotus flowers and the frogs. When the music stops, you have to step on one. Whoever is off, is eliminated. With every round, like Musical Chairs, keep reducing these elements.

This activity is also your best bet when you are holding a playdate at your house. It will keep everyone busy and excited for long enough! If you need still more ideas we have a Play-Doh train craft or Tetra Pak Bird House .

See you again with something equally interesting and promising.

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Missi Posted on Jul 21, 2018

Way to go on this esasy, helped a ton.


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