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Every event in our life can be explained and divided into the five senses that our body experiences. Let’s try it. What about the addition of a baby in your house?

The baby powder mixed with the smell of milk. Crying and giggling. Soft baby skin. A baby breast-feeding. The gooey cereals, mashed bananas or just milk powder

Fascinating! This is why it is so important to make our kids aware about their five senses. It helps them understand their surroundings and hence the world better. From sensing danger to settling for their favourites to just making some memories, everything is based on these 5 senses. Smell leaking gas, burning wires or the cooking disaster in the kitchen. Listen to the chuckling of kids, chirping of birds and honking of horns. See the edge of the table, green mountains or rising sea waves. Taste the sweet ripe mangoes, salty peanuts or spicy pepper. Touch smooth cheese, grass blades or dad’s pokey beard.

This summer let’s play a game that will give the kids a sense of understanding of how important these 5 functions are. I suggest for each activity choose your surrounding and let the kids explore it through the chosen sense.

Age: 3+

You will need: When we meet someone we might register a lot of things like the colour of the dress, the earrings or the mobile phone. If we were to explore the person through closed eyes, it would reveal a lot more. You will need at least two people to play this game.
Step 1: Let the kid close her eyes. Now two people should extend their hands out for the kid to see through the touch.
Step 2: Ask the kid to guess whose hand it is. And let the kids tell you how she guessed it and let her describe your hand in detail.
Step 3: She might come up with reasons like “Your watch, your ring etc”. And she might describe your hand as a “big crocodile or soft, soft”, as mine did.
Benefit: Now the kid sees you as an amalgamation of different touches, that she will associate with you forever. The softness of your hands, the stiff cotton clothes, the chunky watch etc. The kid learns to associate touch with soft, hard, liquid, solid, big, small, smooth, sharp etc.

You will need: I chose the back lawn to test how aware she was of her regular surroundings.
Step 1: Let the kid close her eyes.
Step 2: Start unleashing different sound experiences at her and let her guess. Rubbing stones together, Stepping on a dry leaf or throwing a pebble at a tree.
Step 3: Let them guess and jump with joy every time they get it right.
Benefit: This exercise will help the kids understand the importance of sounds and hence become more aware of their surroundings.

You will need: vegetables and fruits.
Step 1: Place 10 different vegetables and fruits on the table.
Step 2: Now the kids will be expecting you to ask them about their names. Instead cover the vegetables and ask them about the different colours they saw on the table.
Benefit: This exercise helps kids to see beyond colour in their immediate surrounding. Also add in the currency notes and explain to them about the braille print of the denomination and its use for people who cannot see.

You will need: Asafoetida, mint leaves, cheese, perfume, water, boiled egg, expired food or a day old garbage (anything that has a strong smell)
Step 1: Let the kids smell each item while blind folded.
Step 2: Now let them explain each thing in one word. You will be surprised with what all they will come up with. “Fruity, sweet, dirty, I don’t like” were a few of the words my kid explained the smell in.
Benefit: They understand the difference between sweet smell and pungent smell. This also teaches kids why we need to keep our surroundings clean.

You will need: Water in four glasses, sugar, salt, lemon, white pepper
Step 1: In four different glasses dissolve sugar, salt, lemon juice and white pepper respectively.
Step 2: Let them taste the four glasses of water and enjoy the different tastes and explain them to you in one word. My son used “gems” for sweet, “Masala” for spicy, “Lemonade” for tangy and “don’t like” for salty.
Benefit: They understand sweet, salty, tangy and spicy without really associating it with stereotypes.

Now that they know about the five senses, you can indulge them with our Play-doh train activity.

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Sumeet Posted on Jun 20, 2015

Brilliant game! Looking forward to play!


Inder Mohan Bali Posted on Jun 17, 2015

Charu, where do you get these brilliant thoughts? Your kids are going to be geniuses by reading and playing your games

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Beehive Preschool Posted on Jun 17, 2015

Great Read! Interesting games. Check out our blog: Let us know your views.

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