Spend the summer writing a letter to your grandparents

Hope you are matching the rhythm of our Kids’ Craft with our fun kids’ activities. Now that we have enjoyed the Choo-Choo train, how about falling in love with writing?

Writing is like a Dinosaur. No, not huge and mesmerising but more extinct and gone. I am talking about a real letter that we wrote on paper and posted in that big red post box. When you write, you feel the fresh crispness of the paper as the words flow from your fingertips, through a pen rather than a keyboard. And then you write to that one person, who reads it, and replies to it. There are no likes. No shares. It is not open for the public.
It is not opened while stepping onto escalators, or rushing for a meeting, or just before you switch off your mobiles before take-off. No. The receiver sits in his house and opens the letter with anticipation of a beautiful personal chat. He can smell your warmth, feel your emotions, hear your voice narrating it to him and most importantly feel your presence in your handwriting.

Who can be more worthy of this than your Grandparents?

Age Group: as soon as you’re ready
You will need:
Grandparents’ postal address

Step 1: Start writing.

Topics you can write on
Write about your favourite book
Send your picture and write about it
Ask for a suggestion on anything under the sky
Discuss music. Your generation’s and their generation’s too. What about the Twist?
Send them a clipping of a newspaper on something that impressed you or just made you think
Ask them about your parents’ childhood
Ask them about their friends.

Remember you are writing to your grandparents so you can write just about anything and about everything. Even something silly.

Step 2:
Seal it well. Paste the stamps on the envelope and drop the letter at a post office near you.
Step 3:
Wait for their reply. Find the joy in receiving a personal letter back and enjoy reading it.Unknown
Step 4:
Reply. Now that you have started a conversation make sure you continue this chain of letters. Keep the first letter in a special place for a fun activity we will reveal at the end of June.

Benefits: Dare I say, it is an experience that will help children grow emotionally and help create bonds. It will also teach patience, listening, reading and writing, while collecting memories and letters to cherish forever. Oh and wait till the grandparents send their letters back highlighting all the grammatical mistakes. Mine did!

Is it just a coincidence that famous writers were also in love with letter writing? Here are some you can read and relish: Letters from famous authors to their children

Check back with KetchupMoms for more such fun activities.

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Capers Rouge Posted on Feb 22, 2016

This is so heart touching :) Always good to carry forward the great values :)

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Punky Moms Posted on Jun 15, 2015

Being reposted this afternoon on Punkymoms. Thank you

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Petula Posted on Jun 11, 2015

I keep forgetting to have my children do this! Thanks so much for the reminder. I'm so busy texting, messaging, blogging and the like that pen and paper activities are hard pressed to find space in my brain. :-) Lovely post.

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Sumeet Posted on Jun 06, 2015

Reading and writing are the most important things kids should learn. Writing to grandparents is probably the best way to write about things you like.


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