DIY Time capsule with the kids

Click a picture, make a video, keep a diary, write a blog, tweet and then go back and see what you were doing yesterday, or even a year ago. It is all so easy today to capture our memories and milestones. Personally, the thrill of opening a time capsule a year later, is incomparable. Technically, it is a wonderful yet simple way of communicating with future people and is a rare finding when unearthed by archaeologists, anthropologists or historians. But what’s stopping us from treasuring a message for ourselves? Trust me when I say that we tend to forget what we were doing yesterday, forget about a year ago.

Join us as we make our Time Capsule as part of our series on summer fun activities. Encourage your kids to box their precious and current favourite items along with some basic personal information. And then hope like hell that they are able to keep from digging the box out in less than a year.

Age: 3+
You will need:
An air-tight box. Plastic or metal is most suitable.
Paper to write on
Mementos like:
– A hand-written letter from your grandparents or your favourite person
– A toy
– A family picture
– A picture of yourself – try to take it in a setting which can be repeated every year and compare notes.
– A cutting of a newspaper article that depicts the current times or is a game changer
– Your favourite chocolate/sweet/biscuit packet
– A drawing, painting, clay model, a poem or a story written by you or just an alphabet scribbled by the really young ones.

Step 1: Smear some paint on your hand and take a hand-print on a piece of paper. Leave it to dry.
Step 2: On another paper write down the day/date/year and then list your favourites-colour, book, song/rhyme, film/tv show, pet/animal, friend, place, food, teacher, game.
Step 3: Note down your particulars like height, weight, waist size.
Step 4: Write down your wish list like “I want to become a spider-man”, “I want a fire engine”, “I want to go camping”.
Step 5: Now add your family’s photograph and the photograph of yourself to the things in the plastic container. This will make your Time Capsule.
Step 6: Add your favourite food in a sealed packet, personally painted, written or made craft, the Newspaper cutting, handwritten letter along with your favourite toy in the box.

Step 7: Add in your list of favourites, particulars & wishes. Don’t forget to place the hand-print you made with wet paint right at the beginning.
Step 8: Seal the box. Paste a label, clearly showing the date/time/year and your name.
Step 9: Now wait to open it next year to enjoy comparing notes…with yourself. Will your favourites change? Will you grow taller and stronger? Will your family look just as happy in the picture next year? Will your wishes come true? Well we will know, a year from now.

Benefits: This exercise teaches kids about time and patience. It also helps the young ones know their own likes, dislikes, strengths and weaknesses. My twins are three and a half-years old, so I assisted them in making their lists. What surprised me was how clear they are at this age about everything. Their answers came one after the other and confirmed what I already knew: fave toy-Lego, fave colour-blue & white, fave song-Lakdi ki kathi (a Bollywood children’s song from the 80’s), fave fruit- banana.

We had a great time thinking inside the box, for this one. Hope you had fun reading about it. For more such interesting and fun summer activity ideas follow KetchupMoms on Facebook and Twitter.

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Kayennat Posted on Jul 01, 2015

Love this. I have such awful memory that when I see previous stuff on my Facebook wall am like wahhh I didn't write this...I need to make one of these!

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