DIY Animal shaped Face Masks

Dussehra, the Indian festival that celebrates the victory of good over evil, is my favourite childhood fest. Not just for the lights and fireworks but more so for the face masks that flooded the markets during that time. Ironically the mask of the evil king ‘Ravana’ excited me the most, maybe because it had 10 heads to flaunt. Also it made for an exciting DIY face masks.

So this summer I asked my kids for their favourite characters and then got down to making face masks at home. That we had a blast making them and then wearing them was the best part of this activity. We made a rabbit, a lion, Zoe Zebra, Danny Dog (from Peppa Pig) and Swiper (the fox in the popular Dora series). Trust me they are the easiest 5 min. DIY face masks.

Age: 3+ (with help) otherwise 7+

You will need:
Chart Papers (Recycle used ones)
Colour Pencils
Paper cutter

Step 1: Divide a chart paper into four equal parts.


Step 2: Draw your favourite character on one part.


Step 3: Cut it out according to the shape.

Step 4: With a paper-cutter, cut out the eyes.

Step 5: Colour it as you please. Who says a Lion cannot be red or blue?

Step 6: Make two holes with the pencil at either ends of the mask, just big enough for a ribbon or string to pass through.


Step 7: Take two ribbon strands, long enough to be tied around your head. Pass these through the holes and knot one end.

Step 8: Wear them and have an animal-themed party at home.


We had a lovely time playing with these masks, hope you enjoy it as much. If you are looking for more kid activities try Pop-up card.

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