Indoor obstacle course to keep your Kids active

Outdoors is all about being active and energetic. Indoors is all about resting, tv-watching or book-reading. Is it really? I personally feel this is an urban legend. As part of our summer activities we bring you the ultimate obstacle course, indoors. Trust me, it is as challenging and fun for you to create as it is for the kids to cross and enjoy. Of course for the older kids, the task can be to create the course and then race with each other to complete it.

Age: 3+

You will need:
3 Stools
2 Tables, high enough for you to crawl under
5-7 Tetra Pak Empty cartons/ Plastic bottles
A tray full of small objects like batteries, stones, sweets and two empty cups
2 different eatables. I used cheese puffs and Kitkat Chocolate (feel free to replace it with healthier options like fruits)

Step 1: Decide what you want to include in the obstacle course: Zig-Zag running, crawling, jumping, balancing, memory games, eating with no-hands. Brief your contestants.

Step 2: Make some room by shifting the furniture around a little.

Step 3: Start by placing two tables, one after the other for crawling. Then tie a rope between two objects to make the children jump over.

Step 4: Place empty Tetra Pak cartons at equal distance to allow for zig-zag racing.

Step 5: For balancing, place 3-4 stools in a row, if possible of different heights, for the hop and cross.

Step 6: Now on two separate tables place a tray full of small objects and two empty cups. At the start of the game, give the kids a memory task to perform like “Place one battery and one stone in the empty cup”.

Step 7: Finally, hang the eatables from a string at a height that is comfortable for the kids to reach. The challenge is to eat without using their hands.

Step 8: Now sit back and let them enjoy.

Benefits: Apart from keeping the kids active, this course is a full body and mind workout. This activity uses their muscles to crawl, accuracy to jump and balance to cross the obstacles. Zig-zag racing challenges them to walk differently from what they are used to, and the memory game sharpens their brain. Lastly, the task of eating with no hands opens their mind to accept new challenges.

My twins had a blast enjoying this game indoors. For more kid’s indoor activities you can try bowling with empty cartons or Jump Frog.

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Jenay Posted on Jul 21, 2018

I really wish there were more arilctes like this on the web.


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